Varna Free University

Yanko Slavchev 133, Varna, BG

Top degrees

  • Architecture
  • Civil Engineering
  • Data Science

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Tuition fees

€1440 - €1920



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Study at Varna Free University

Study at Varna Free University

Varna Free University is a place where people who wish to study in English and to graduate at one of the best universities in Bulgaria meet. The education at Varna Free University is relatively cheap as students need to pay approximately 2000 EUR per academic year. Also, EU citizens take advantage of cheaper tuition fees. Some of the study programs in English at Varna Free University include Architecture, Data Science, Computer Science and International Law. The diploma each graduate receives is valid in all European countries as well countries outside of Europe. If you wish to study at Varna Free University, contact Inter HECS - Study in Bulgaria

Why should you study at Varna Free University?

Varna Free University is one of the best unviersities in Buglaria which offers a broad range of specialties in English. Bachelor and Master degree programmes at Varna Free University offer hiqh quality education in different fields such as psychology, business and law. Hence, if you want to study in Europe and you are looking for a university atmosphere that gathers students with different interests, background and hobbies - apply at Varna Free University!

Bulgaria is a member state of the European Union so all diplomas issued by Bulgarian universities are valid on an international level. Varna Free University is not an exception. If you graduate at Varna Free University, you will obtain a diploma that is recognized across Europe and will expand your career opportunities. Hence, you will have a good start in the career world with your CV and diploma from Varna Free University.

Of course, we should mention that the tuition fees at Varna Free University are relatively low in comparison to other universities in Europe. In addition, the living expenses in Varna and in Bulgaria in general are quite low which makes students take full advantage of the student life, trips in Bulgaria and study at Varna Free University without having to worry about financial debts or student loans. 

Last but not least, the location of Varna Free University undoubtedly presents a huge benefit. Varna is a city located at the sea side of Bulgaria. Each year tourists from all over the world visit Varna which makes the city quite international. In addition, there are many other universities in town, e.g. Varna University of Management and Varna Medical University. This means you will meet many other students from other universities and countries so that you enjoy your stay in Bulgaria to the fullest!

Varna Free University - Study programmes and tuition fees

Varna Free University offers various Bachelor and Master degrees in English, Russian and German

Bachelor specialties at Varna Free University that are taught in English include Psychology, Informatics and Computer Science as well as International Law and Security. Bachelor specialties in Russian at Varna Free University include Psychology as well Informatics and Computer Science. Bachelor degree programmes at Varna Free University last for four years (8 semesters).

Master degree programmes in English at Varna Free University include Psychology and Psychopathology of Development, Management of International Business Projects, International Marketing, Information Systems and Technologies, Software Engineering, Data Science, Preservation of Cultural Heritage, Building Structures, Fire-Fighting Engineering.

The tuition fees at Varna Free University are affordable for both Bulgarian and foreign citizens. If you wish to study at Varna Free University, you must pay 1440 EUR per academic year if your home country is member of the European Union and 1920 EUR if you are a non-EU citizen.

Apply at Varna Free University

Successful admission in Varna Free University is only a fact after completing several steps. Of course, collecting your application documents and submitting them to Varna Free University are required steps in order to study at Varna Free University. Some of the application documents include an application form and a copy of your high-school diploma.

Of course, Inter HECS - Study in Bulgaria is here to help you apply at Varna Free University. Our application and relocation services will guarantee your place at Varna Free University. You also don't need to come to Bulgaria before your semester starts - we will take care of the whole application procedure and make sure your stay in Bulgaria is arranged!

Varna Free University - student dormitory and private apartments

Varna Free University has a university hostel that provides future candidates with the opportunities to stay in Varna until they find a suitable room or apartment. Varna Free University also has a student dormitory called "Chayka". The rent is about 100 - 150 Euro per month depending on the size of the apartment. It is quite common that two students share one room in a student dormitory. 

Thus, if you prefer to live in a bigger apartment, you are always welcome to look for a private accommodation place. In Varna, the prices range between 100 and 300 Euro for a private apartment. We recommend getting in touch with a real-estate agent so that you find a nice place in Varna that meets your expectations and needs. Contact us via [email protected] so that we provide you with contact details of trustworthy real-estate agents in Varna!