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Life in Plovdiv, Bulgaria: Locals, Language, Lifestyle, Safety, Food, ...

Students in Plovdiv share their experience with life in Plovdiv in terms of: locals, language, lifestyle, food, things to do, safety, weather.

Moving to Plovdiv, Bulgaria: Airport & local transport, Free time & Locals, Weather, Culture shock

How to get from Sofia Airport to Plovdiv? What is weather like in Bulgaria? What is there to do over the weekend? How to deal with homesickness? And many other questions - answered before your trip to Plovdiv, Bulgaria!

Moving to Bulgaria: Things to pack

Do NOT forget about these things before catching the flight to Bulgaria! One thing you can also check in advance is if you need a travel adapter. If there is something else missing in my list, let me know in the comment section below!

FAQ: Accommodation in Plovdiv, Bulgaria (Estate agents, prices, viewings, contracts)

How fast can I find an apartment in Plovdiv? What do estate agents do? Rental agreements and the fine print! Today we talk about accommodation for foreigners in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

Avoid culture shock in Bulgaria | Tips by a local

How to adapt to life in Bulgaria? Useful tips for international students and foreigners in Bulgaria.

30 things to do in Sofia, Bulgaria

Tips by a local on interesting things to do in Sofia - suitable for locals and foreigners in Bulgaria

Sofia vs. Plovdiv Medical University: Comparison

Comparing Sofia Medical University and Plovdiv Medical University for students who want to study Medicine, Dentistry or Pharmacy in English in Bulgaria

FAQ: Student Accommodation in Sofia

How much is rent in Sofia? What neighborhoods are the best? When should I start looking for accommodation in Sofia? And many more! Our Marketing Manager, Stefani, covers various important topics for future students in Sofia, Bulgaria - e.g types of apartments, real-estate agents, rent, contracts, bills, etc.

2019 Orientation week at Sofia Medical University

Sofia Medical University in Sofia, Bulgaria - international students share how the Orientation week in 2019 was and what they loved about it!

Sofia Medical University - Entrance exam tips by current students

Entry test preparation and tips by students at Sofia Medical University! Find out what international students advise you to do in order to pass the exam in Biology, Chemistry and English with excellent scores!

Study in Sofia, Bulgaria | Testimonials 2019

Students at Sofia Medical University share their experience with Inter HECS with focus on four aspects: application, entrance exam, relocation and ongoing support.

Why study at Sofia Medical University? Personal stories by current students

International students in Medicine and Dentistry at Sofia Medical University share why they chose to study in Sofia, Bulgaria and what their future plans are.

Students Experiences at Sofia Medical University

International students at Sofia Medical University in Bulgaria share their experience with the university, student societies, free time and give advice to future students.

Life in Sofia, Bulgaria | Interviews with international students

Students at Sofia Medical University share their experience with living in Sofia, Bulgaria, what they do in their free time and how safe the capital city is.

How to learn Bulgarian language?

An international student at Sofia Medical University shares tips for learning Bulgarian language as a foreigner.

My weekly schedule as a medical student in Sofia, Bulgaria

A German student gives information about how life as a medical student in Sofia is, including part-time jobs, free time activities, and talks about her weekly schedule at university.

Tour around my apartment in Sofia, Bulgaria

A medical student at Sofia Medical University shows us around her flat and shares tips for looking for accommodation in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Orientation week 2019 at Plovdiv Medical University

Video about welcoming first-year students in Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy in English at Plovdiv Medical University for the academic year 2019/2020

Study in Bulgaria: Testimonials 2019

Students share their experience with Inter HECS - Study in Bulgaria

2019 Entrance test at Plovdiv Medical University, Bulgaria

Entry exam day at Plovdiv Medical University in Bulgaria - admission for Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy in English. Interviews with students who share their experience with the entrance day and preparation for the entry test.

Why study at Plovdiv Medical University, Bulgaria?

Reasons to study Medicine or Dentistry in English in Bulgaria at Plovdiv Medical University - interviews with current students from Italy, Germany, Sweden and the United Kingdom

Tips to succeed in Plovdiv Medical University entrance test

Advice from first-year students who sat the entrance exam in Biology and Chemistry for admission in Plovdiv Medical University, Bulgaria

12 Things to know before visiting Bulgaria

Check out the 12 things you should know before you move to Bulgaria!