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Restaurants and bars with a great view in Sofia

Restaurants and bars in Sofia with a view

If you have a special occasion to celebrate or your close friends visit you in Sofia and you want to organize something extraordinary, you might want to check out the best restaurants and bars with a view in Sofia. The panoramic places offer you international meals (sometimes maybe overpriced because of the view) but still, breath-taking views during your day or night out.

1. Tavan Restaurant

Tavan is probably one of the most famous restaurants with a view among young people. The address is 98 Bulgaria boul. (close to Bulgaria mall), so you can easily reach it by public transportation (e.g. Tram 7).

2. The View Restaurant

“The View Restaurant” is probably the newest panoramic restaurant in Sofia! Located right in the city centre (next to the National Palace of Culture, in one of the two high brand-new buildings) you have many ways to reach it (metro, bus, tram…), so you simply can’t miss it! 

3. Rooftop Bar – Sense Hotel Sofia

Rooftop Bar (in Sense Hotel Sofia) definitely has a great view – one of the most famous sightseeing places, the St. Alexandar Nevsky cathedral, is right in front of it! The exact address is 16 Tsar Osvoboditel Boul. If you are planning to go, don’t forget to make a reservation in advance. Also, there is a dress code: smart casual. 

4. National Theatre Restaurant

The Ivan Vazov National Theatre in Sofia is probably the most-beloved sightseeing place by locals – the facade as well as the lovely fountain and park in front of it … you can’t help but fall in love with this place! Curious fact and not very well-known among locals and tourists is that there is a restaurant on top of the national theatre. The view is not the typical one which includes Vitosha mountain, National Palace of Culture or Alexandar Nevsky cathedral, but the atmosphere, the location and the surrounding architecture make the restaurant truly special!

5. Panorama Restaurant – Hotel Marinela

Hotel Marinela is one of the most famous hotels in Sofia – it is fancy, modern, located in the city centre and also one of the most common places for special events like proms or weddings. Of course, it also has a great restaurant with a view – Panorama Restaurant. The exact address is 100 James Bourchier boul. – just a few minutes away from James Bourchier metro station.

6. Mando Panorama

Mando Panorama is actually a place that you can rent for a party or another type of occasion. As of March 2018, it costs 350 lv to rent the whole place for four hours. If you want to impress your guests or celebrate your birthday in an extraordinary way – this might be just it! The exact address is Interpred building, 36 Dragan Tsankov boul. – so right next to Joliot Curie metro station.

7. The Corner Bar & Dinner

“The Corner Bar & Dinner” is located … at the corner of Nikola Vaptsarov boul. and Cherni Vrah boul. The view is stunning and the place gathers people who want to enjoy their dinner or take part in a memorable party with a view. The exact address is 35 Nikola Vaptsarov boul. 8th and you can reach it via public transport (about 10-minute walk from James Bourchier metro station) or taxi.

8. “Pri Orlite” Restaurant

Located close to the Ivan Vazov National Theatre, “Pri Orlite” Restaurant (in English translated “At the eagles”) is actually located on the 18th floor of the Ministry of Transport and offers a great view over the city centre in Sofia. Of course, the place is very easy to reach via public transport or simply by foot if you happen to be in the city centre. The address is 11 Dyakon Ignatii Str.

9. Zest Restaurant

Zest Restaurant is another restaurant located in a hotel in Sofia (Suite Hotel Sofia). Unfortunately, the place is a bit far away from the city centre (in the Studenski Grad neighborhood, 1A Doctor Yordan Yosifov Str.), but you should definitely give it a try one day!

10. Corso

When we talk about breath-taking views, we simply can’t leave “Corso” out of the list… You probably know the Russian church in Sofia (one of the most famous sightseeing places), but did you know that there is a restaurant on the other side of the street that manages to capture the beauty of the church? The address is 10 Tsar Osvoboditel Boul.

11. Porto Maltese Restaurant

Porto Maltese is the hidden treasure of Paradise Center Shopping Mall! Next time you go to the mall, we definitely recommend you check out the meals they offer and the stunning view of Sofia. You can go there by catching a taxi or just get off at Vitosha metro station.

12. Park Hotel Moskva – Panorama Restaurant

Imagine the 19th floor of one of the best hotels in Sofia right next to the biggest park in Sofia – Borisova garden. Yup, we agree – the view will be stunning! And “Panorama” Restaurant in Park Hotel Moskva has earned its name because of that! The address of the hotel is 25 Nezabravka Str. – very close to Joliot Curie metro station!

13. La Terrazza di Serdica

The panoramic restaurant in the Arena Di Serdica hotel will take your breath away if you are into architecture! There you can enjoy a delicious meal with a view over Sofia’s most beautiful rooftops and, of course, Vitosha Mountain. The address is 2 Budapeshta Str. 

14. XS Tower – Sky Bar

XS Tower is actually a building with offices … and well, a sky bar on the rooftop. You can actually rent the whole place for you and celebrate your birthday party in an unforgettable way! The only disadvantage is that the place is located very far away from the city centre (5 Panorama Sofia Str.) – close to Business Park metro station.

15. Atlantic Restaurant

The “Atlantic” panoramic restaurant is also one of those great restaurants with stunning views which are located at the highest floors of a hotel (in this case, Atlantic Hotel). The address of the hotel is 2 19th Str. in Simeonovo area – it is hard to reach via public transport, so better catch a taxi.

16. Sofia Ring Mall

Actually, one more shopping mall made it to our list – the food court in Sofia Ring Mall (to reach by taxi, bus no. 111 or actually a free bus that leaves from Business Park Metro station and takes you directly to the mall) and several restaurants, e.g. Roma Bene or Victoria Restaurant, offer breath-taking view of Vitosha Mountain. The place is recommended for people who don’t want to spend much on food (you can simply stay in the food court) or who want to escape the busy city centre of the Bulgarian capital. 

17. Cozy Bar

Yes, there is a bar in Sofia with a rooftop swimming pool… (open only during summer, of course) and it is a must-visit! The address is 127G Kliment Ohridski boul. so it is a bit hard to reach via public transport, but you can always catch a taxi!

18. Culture Beat Club

Cuture Beat Club is located in the National Palace of Culture and has indoor and outdoor bar/club. The terrace offers a great view over the bridge between the National Palace of Culture and Hilton Hotel. Of course, Vitosha mountain can be also be seen. You should check the view both during the day and night!

19. Club Restaurant Arhivi

I don’t think there is any foreigner who has not taken a picture in front of the monumental buildings of the Presidency and the Council of Ministers. Did you know that on top of one of these stunning buildings there is an actual restaurant? It is called “Club Restaurant Arhivi” (it is located in the State Agency “Archives” building, 5 Moskovska Str.). What an extraordinary place to enjoy your lunch!

20. Park Center Sofia 

The last shopping mall (I promise!) on our list! The food court in the Park Center Sofia offers a nice view over the park behing the mall, so you can definitely enjoy your lunch or dinner after shopping or lectures in Sofia Medical University (which is like 15 minute walking distance!). The shopping mall is very easy to reach (2 Arsenalski boul.) – it is right next to European Union metro station.

21. Sky Plaza Restaurant

Sky Plaza Restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants with a view in Sofia. Located on the top of National Palace of Culture, it is one of the most common venues for parties or special occasions and offers a magnificent view over the park in front of one of the most famous sightseeing places in Sofia. 

I hope you enjoyed our list of great restaurants and bars with a view in Sofia! If can also check our article about 15 things to do in Sofia if you are more into outdoor activities!

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