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Welcome Day at Sofia Medical University

Sofia Medical University in Bulgaria

Inter HECS absolutely enjoyed meeting all first-year students and their parents at our Welcome Day at Sofia Medical University! 14th October 2016 was a special date for all Inter HECS students at Sofia Medical University – our team had prepared a great Welcome Day for all first-year and transfer students who wish to start their education in the field of medicine, dentistry and pharmacy at one of the best Bulgarian higher education institutions. The day started with a city tour and continued with an official presentation at one of the university halls. There, Inter HECS representatives as well as second and third-year Inter HECS students held speeches and helped the audience understand what to expect during their studies and stay in Bulgaria. Afterwards, a campus tour allowed everyone to get familiar with the university campus as well as to meet their colleagues in advance.

Thank you for coming and we wish you luck with your studies! We hope you enjoy your stay in our lovely home country!

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