Students and healthy lifestyle: Mission possible?

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Students and healthy lifestyle: Mission possible?

Living healthy as a student in Bulgaria

Students are not very famous when it comes to healthy lifestyle, but we still have a few tips for you if you want to take good care of your health and wellness.

  1. Prepare your meal in advance!

Almost everyone is too lazy to prepare their lunch or breakfast the night before a long day in the university, but think about it this way – if you prepare your meal in advance, you won’t have to spend money in the university cafeteria or in a restaurant close to the university. Preparing your food basket in advance will also help you to not skip meals which is very important for your health!

Tip: Do some shopping early during the day and focus on buying fruits and vegetables. This way you can add them to your food basket for the next day and you will definitely eat healthier in comparison if you go empty-handed to university!

  1. Go to bed early!

Build a habit of going to bed early (let’s say around 10 PM). This way you will feel less tired when you go to a morning lecture and your brain will have more time to rest. This will also allow you to focus more and prepare better for your exams!

Tip: If you are not used to going to bed early, you can try to do more sports during the day or avoid short afternoon naps so that at night you are more tired and can’t wait to see the pillow! Also, avoiding social media channels or watching TV late at night is also proven to help people fall asleep easily and to improve sleep quality.

  1. Do sports!

In Bulgaria there are many gyms around the university and in every neighborhood in general so don’t look for an excuse and try to do sports at least two times per week. If you don’t like gyms, try to look for an alternative – go jogging in the park or look for dancing lessons closeby!

Tip: You do not have to be a gym person to stay fit – just go home or go to lectures by foot! If you live too far away, just get off the bus a few stations earlier and walk – every step counts and it will definitely make you feel better!

  1. Don’t forget to drink water!

You should drink at least 2 l of water per day. There are several benefits: it is good for your health, makes you refreshed and more focused as well as has a great impact on your skin! In this regards we also advise you to avoid drinking water from plastic bottles (look for shops that sell glass bottles) and fizzy drinks.

Tip: There are many mobile applications that remind you to drink water more often, so just search for “drink water” on your smartphone applications market and you will find many free apps. Also, if you bring a personalized water bottle with you, it will definitely help you create a habit of drinking water more often (and track how much water you have had so far).

  1. Find the balance between work and free time

We know that being a student is quite stressful! Having many lectures and maintaining social life at the same time is anything but easy, but it is still very important to find the right balance between work and free time. Keep in mind that when you are stressed out, it is even harder to study, so allow yourself little breaks from time to time and make sure you find time for your family and hobbies so that you don’t risk burning out.

Tip: Make a schedule and stick to it. For instance, promise yourself that from 6 to 8 PM every day you have time for things that make you happy like speaking to your family or watching movies.

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