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Enjoy our 15 ideas for your free time in Plovdiv

Things to do in Plovdiv - part 2

You are wondering what to do in your free time in Plovdiv? Hereby we present you the second part of the article “Top things to do in Plovdiv”! If you haven’t read the first part yet – click here. Enjoy!

Canoe & Kayak in Plovdiv

There aren’t many cities around the world in which you can try canoe or kayak – usually you must travel to a lake/river outside the city which takes time and money. This is not the case in Plovdiv! The rowing canal in Plovdiv is only 10 minutes taxi drive away from the city centre – this place is perfect for a pleasant Sunday walk or experiencing some adrenaline rush!

Volunteering in Plovdiv

If you want to make your day extraordinary or if you believe that Santa will bring you a great present if you have done some good deeds throughout the year, check out the volunteering platform Timeheroes. It allows you to look for a volunteering activity according to location, time frame or type of activity! We definitely recommend taking advantage of at least one opportunity – this will not only boost your CV but also help you contribute to the society!

Laser tag in Plovdiv

Have you watched the “How I met your mother” series? If yes, you are probably well-aware of Barney’s passion for laser tag! If you and your friends also feel like having fun with laser tag guns, you can do this also in Plovdiv!

Museums in Plovdiv

It is not a secret that Plovdiv is considered the art hub of Bulgaria – there are plenty of museums and galleries which will amaze you with their history and interesting exhibitions (e.g. the Ancient Theatre or the Ethnographic Museum). Here you can find detailed information about the best museums in Plovdiv, incl. address, admission tickets and opening hours.

Horse riding in Plovdiv

You love animals? If the thought of riding a horse doesn’t scare you, we have a great idea for you – try horse riding (for example, at Frigopan; Gagarin 1A, village Tsaratsovo). PS: Don’t forget your comfortable clothes and shoes at home. 

Hot air balloon flight

Did you know you can go for a hot air balloon flights about 40 km away from Plovdiv? You can check interesting offers for cool activities here.

Target shooting in Plovdiv

Your week has been tough and you want to blow off some steam? If guns don’t scare you, we recommend checking out the 360 Shooting & Training Centre – it is only about 10 km away from Plovdiv but catching a taxi to the place is definitely worth it! 

Wall climbing in Plovdiv

Have you ever tried wall climbing? Or do you want just to keep your body fit for the following summer months? Check climbing wall at!

If you need any questions regarding the above-mentioned activities (or the areas where they take place), just text us at [email protected]! We hope you enjoy our recommendations to the fullest! 


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