Living costs in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

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Living costs in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Living costs in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Plovdiv, the second biggest city, attracts many tourists every year! Even more, many people move to the city in order to study at one of the most prestigious Bulgarian universities – Plovdiv Medical University

One of the best things about Plovdiv is the atmosphere in the city centre – the Roman theatre and the ancient history of the city in general give a lovely touch to the central part where you have the chance to walk along the longest pedestrian street in Europe and … enjoy the cheap prices in Bulgaria! So yes, living in Plovdiv is definitely not what you would expect!

Living in a modern and new private apartment in Plovdiv costs around 300 – 350 EUR depending on the location and the size of the apartment. Of course, if you share a flat with someone, the price can vary between 300 and 500 EUR in total, but in this case you will share all bills and the rent, so it will be even cheaper.

Eating outside is also quite cheap in comparison to other European cities. For around 7 EUR you are able to enjoy a good meal with drinks in some of the top restaurants in Plovdiv. Furthermore, prices at local pubs and small restaurants are even lower! Of course, street food is the cheapest – and it is also very common!

Public transport in Plovdiv is anything but expensive – one-way ticket costs 1 lv (0.50 EUR) and a monthly card that covers all lines is 50 lv (students even get a discount!). However, Plovdiv is a big city, so the most important things are walking distance and you would barely need to use public transport. Furthermore, taxi service is very cheap in Plovdiv – a 10-minute ride would cost around 3 – 4 lv (2 EUR). Keep in mind we do not recommend catching a random taxi on the street – you can use the applications TaxiStars or TaxiMe to catch a trustworthy taxi!

Last but not least, beauty services (like haircuts or manicure) are super cheap! You can get a decent haircut for around 10 lv (5 EUR). Of course, it will be more expensive if you choose to get such service at a popular place/right in the city centre and of course, depending on the exact service you are interested in.

One important thing about Plovdiv is that it also has an international airport – Plovdiv Airport, so you should definitely check whether there are direct flights from your home town to Plovdiv. If not – don’t worry, Plovdiv is located only 125 km away from the capital city Sofia, so you can book airport pick-up for only about 50 EUR! Looking forward to moving to Plovdiv? Just contact us at [email protected]!

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