Medical University - Plovdiv

Bul. Vasil Aprilov 15A, Plovdiv, BG

Top degrees

  • Dentistry
  • Medicine
  • Pharmacy

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Tuition fees

€6000 - 8,000



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Study at Plovdiv Medical University

Since 1945, Plovdiv Medical University has always been in the spotlight. Advancing into the 21st century, the university represents the world class stature of Medicine. It is in the front rank not only in Bulgaria’s, but of Europe’s finest University teaching hospitals with an international reputation based on treatment, teaching and research. The Medical University of Plovdiv has trained over 22 000 local and foreign citizens from 43 countries of Europe, Asia, America, Africa. Today, most of the alumni are self-assured and skilled physicians and dentists or distinguished healthcare leaders. They remain connected professionally and emotionally with their colleagues and university teachers. Medical University – Plovdiv has four faculties: Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Dental Medicine, Faculty of Pharmacy and Faculty of Public Health. All departments are considered indispensable for higher medical education in accordance with today’s world standards.

Why should you study at Plovdiv Medical University?

Together with the Medical University - Sofia, Plovdiv Medical University is one of the oldest and most famous medical universities in Bulgaria, famous for its quality education and traditions. Since its establishment, Plovdiv Medical University has prepared and successfully granted a Master degree diploma to 16,017 doctors of Medicine, 4653 dentists, 619 pharmacists, 728 public health professionals and health management, 726 bachelors in management of health care. Plovdiv Medical University has a symbolic presence in the life of the city. Its authority is supported by the work and morale of its graduates. People who study at Plovdiv Medical University are capable healers, respected leaders and respected teachers.

Medical University of Plovdiv has won numerous prestigious honours and awards:
- Award "Best University" 2013 for leading positions in the field of education.
- Award badge of honor of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria
- Award under the "Lifelong Learning" Erasmus
- Honorary Sign of the Bulgarian Society of Pulmonary Diseases
- First place of annual national awards for Safety and Health at Work
- Award for the best library.

It is also a fact that Plovdiv Medical University offers study programmes in English (Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy) in exchange for low tuition fees (4000 Euro per semester). This makes studying at one of the best medical universities in Bulgaria quite affordable

How do people apply for a study program at Plovdiv Medical University?

If you want to study Medicine, Dentistry or Pharmacy in English at Plovdiv Medical University, you must submit your application documents to the University. If you live abroad, Inter HECS - Study in Bulgaria can help you collect these application documents and will personally submit them to Plovdiv Medical University. 

In addition, Plovdiv Medical University has certain entry requirements. People who wish to study Medicine, Dentistry or Pharmacy at Plovdiv Medical University are allowed to apply only after completing their secondary education and sitting an admission test in English, Biology and Chemistry. In addition, students must have grades (above 62%) in Biology and Chemistry in their high-school diploma. 

Watch the entry test for Plovdiv Medical University in 2017:

What can you study at Plovdiv Medical University?

The training of students, PhD students and postgraduate students who want to study at Plovdiv Medical University is in compliance with the provisions of the Higher Education Act (HEA) for course-based training and with the governmental requirements in all medical specialties. The academic subjects studied are mandatory, optional and elective and they deliver motivated and thorough knowledge and skills in various scientific and medical areas. The introduction of the credit system of assessment provides mobility and satisfaction of the individual professional development plan of each student. People who study at Plovdiv Medical University are welcome to take part in international exchange programs (e.g., Erasmus plus), internships and scientific events around the world.

The study programmes in English at Plovdiv Medical University include:

  • Medicine in English at Plovdiv Medical University: takes 6 years, the last year is only clinical internship at the Faculty of Medicine;
  • Dental Medicine in English at Plovdiv Medical University: takes 5 and a half years and includes 9 months internship;
  • Pharmacy in English at Plovdiv Medical University: takes 5 years and includes 6 months internship at the Plovdiv Medical University;
  • Health Care Management in English at Plovdiv Medical University – 1 and 1.5 years at the Faculty of Public Health;
  • Public Health and Health Management in English at Plovdiv Medical University – takes only one year;
  • Medical and Social Activity Management and Public Health in English at Plovdiv Medical University – takes a year and a half at the Faculty of Public Health;

The tuition fees at Plovdiv Medical University are 8000 Euro per academic year. After completing the respective years of studies as well as successfully sitting the state graduation exams, students acquire a Master's degree. 

Is Plovdiv Medical University accredited?

Plovdiv Medical University offers Erasmus plus programme for students who wish to travel and study abroad during their studies at the best medical university in Bulgaria. Also, if you study at Plovdiv Medical University, you are welcome to join the International Students Council, Association of the Medical Student (AMS) and the Erasmus Student Network which organizes many international events, trips around Bulgaria and students parties in Plovdiv. Last but not least, institutional accreditation was granted by the National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency and the diplomas issued by Plovdiv Medical University are valid all around the world. 

Plovdiv Medical University – student dormitories and private apartments

If you study at Plovdiv Medical University, you can book a place at a student dormitory. It is located close to the University Campus. The rooms have two beds, two desks and a private bathroom. In order to apply for a room in the students dormitory, students at Plovdiv Medical University must fill out an application form and submit it to the Dean of the respective faculty. The rent in a student dormitory at Plovdiv Medical University is around 40 Euro per month. It includes bills (electricity, WiFi, heating, etc.). Keep in mind that the interest in student dormitories is high and the places are limited. If interested, please contact Inter HECS - Study in Bulgaria. We will assist you with your application to Plovdiv Medical University.

Private apartment for two people in the city centre would cost around 600 lv. (300 EUR). We are doing our best to help you find something next to the university - we work with a real-estate agent that offers apartments around the clock. Just keep in mind that when you find an apartment, you usually have to pay 1 month fee, 1 month fee deposit (it is taken if you leave the apartment earlier than 1 year or if you break something in the apartment) as well as 60% fee for the agent.

In any case, Inter HECS - Study in Bulgaria will assist you with finding an accommodation place in Plovdiv. Watch our Welcome day at Plovdiv Medical University in 2017:

Student loans and scholarships at Plovdiv Medical University

If you study at Plovdiv Medical University and you are looking for a way to finance your studies, you can apply for the Special Achievements Scholarships programme. The main requirement is that your grade point average is above 4.00 and to participate in different out-of-class activities, such as sports events and scientific conferences. Your grades from your high-school and all previous semesters are also taken into account. In order to apply for a scholarship at Plovdiv Medical University, you must fill out an application form, present a copy of a scientific development (topic, your name and your supervisor), certificates and your diploma. 

People who study at Plovdiv Medical University are also allowed to apply for a student loan. They must submit an application form, a credit history document, a declaration by the university that the student has taken all exams successfully (including information about the grades) and a copy of the residence permit. The bank will then examine each application.  

How does the average day of a student at Plovdiv Medical University looks like?

People who study at Plovdiv Medical University enjoy the fact that Plovdiv has its own airport and is the second biggest city in Bulgaria. Hence, there are many international events organized by student organizations, etc. the Erasmus Student Network. Students at Plovdiv Medical University can also take advantage of numerous sports facilities around the University campus. If you are rather interested in the timetable of all lectures and how students at Plovdiv Medical University manage their time, watch our live discussion with current students at Plovdiv Medical University:

Where is Plovdiv Medical University located?

If you choose to study at Plovdiv Medical University, you will definitely not regret it! The University is located on one of the main boulevards in the wonderful town - Plovdiv. The town is a large industrial and commercial center. The atmosphere in the city is peaceful. People are friendly and helpful. There is no better place for getting your educational degree combining it with lots of places of sightseeing, recreation, entertainment, many cultural and sports activities all year round. The location of the University is easily accessible and offers plenty of vehicles on public transport, which have stops within walking distance. All faculties are located in the campus for the convenience of students.