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Plovdiv Medical University is one of the leading medical universities in Europe. It is located in the second biggest city in Bulgaria – Plovdiv, about one hour and a half away by car from Sofia. Three study programs in English offered by Plovdiv Medical University draw the attention of many international applicants – Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy. Every year more than 450 students get admitted! In the following, we will provide you with more information about the university, its entry requirements and what life in Plovdiv looks like.

About the university

Since 1945, Plovdiv Medical University has always been in the spotlight. Ever since its establishment, the university, its facilities as well as its staff have received numerous prestigious awards. Institutional accreditation was granted by the National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency and the diplomas issued by Plovdiv Medical University are recognized abroad as Bulgaria is part of the European Union.

Plovdiv Medical University takes part in the Erasmus+ EU program so students can spend a semester abroad. Also, the International Students Council as well as various student societies make life at the university very fun and interesting!

There are four different faculties: Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Dental Medicine, Faculty of Pharmacy and Faculty of Public Health. The three study programs available in English are Medicine, Dental Medicine and Pharmacy. Every year more than 450 foreign students get the chance to study at Plovdiv Medical University. The main requirement for admission is passing an entrance test. The academic year starts in October.

Plovdiv Medical University is located at one of the main boulevards in the wonderful town of Plovdiv – Vasil Aprilov boulevard. All important facilities, incl. the Anatomy building, the main lecture halls as well as the sports hall are in the campus.

Furthermore, there are many restaurants, copy shops and cafés nearby. Only 10 minutes walking distance to the university you will find the modern Markovo tepe shopping mall as well as the lovely Tsar Simeon Garden park. Last but not least, going to the city centre by foot will take you max. 30 minutes – this is where all the main tourist attractions are.

Study programs & Tuition fees

There are three study programs in English offered by Plovdiv Medical University: Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy. Students graduate with a Master’s degree.

Medicine in English takes six years and the last year is only a clinical internship at the Faculty of Medicine. The annual tuition fees are 9000 EUR. Every year there are 300 places available for international students in Medicine at Plovdiv Medical University.

Dental Medicine in English at Plovdiv Medical University takes five years and a half and the study program includes an internship. The tuition fees are 4500 EUR per semester (9000 EUR per year). Every year there are 100 places available for international students in Dentistry at Plovdiv Medical University.

Pharmacy in English takes 5 years and includes an internship. The annual tuition fees are 6000 EUR. Every year there are 50 places available for international students in Pharmacy at Plovdiv Medical University.

Plovdiv Medical University offers a scholarship to students who have good grades during their studies and take part in out-of-class activities. Keep in mind that it does not cover the tuition fees. Some students also apply for a student loan in their home country – this is often the case for German and Swedish students.

Application & Entry requirements

If you want to study Medicine, Dentistry or Pharmacy in English at Plovdiv Medical University, you must submit your application documents to the university. Inter HECS – Study in Bulgaria can help you with all admission steps!

In addition, applicants must sit an admission test in Biology and Chemistry. The exam takes place online, several times a year and students are allowed to retake it. The fee is 200 EUR and is not included in the tuition fees. If you wish to retake the exam, you have to pay it again. The results come out online about a week after the exam and follow the Bulgarian grading scale – 2 is a fail, 3 is the minimum grade to pass the exam and 6 is the maximum grade and equals 100%. Failing even one subject means that the student cannot take part in the university ranking for admission. In January 2022, the university introduced an English entrance exam – whether or not you have to take part in it depends on your national and educational background.

In September Plovdiv Medical University publishes a ranking of all students according to their high school and entrance exam grades. The top 300 international students in Medicine, 100 international students in Dentistry and 50 international students in Pharmacy get a place at the university. This means you should prepare well for the exam and this is why we also offer support in this regard – our online platform gives applicants access to sample tests, study books as well online mock exams!

Student life & Living costs

If you choose to study at Plovdiv Medical University, you will take advantage of a fun, interesting and affordable student life!

To start with, many student societies organize events and make every month at the university a great adventure. Every year Plovdiv Medical University welcomes students from more than 30 countries – most of them come from the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Greece and Ireland. The international atmosphere allows everyone to make many friends and get acquainted with foreign cultures.

The city of Plovdiv also offers many places where you can enjoy your free time – the scenic hills of Plovdiv, the main pedestrian street, the parks around town and the international restaurants are only some of the places where students like to go. There are also many sports facilities in and around the university campus as well as shopping malls. Two of the most favourite activities among students at Plovdiv Medical University are bowling and go-karting.

Most students live near the university, so the area is very safe and has many restaurants and cafés. Also, the campus is located about 30 minutes walking distance to the city centre.

The best thing about life in Plovdiv is that prices are quite affordable. Renting a private modern apartment near the university campus costs around 300-350 EUR per month. Catching a taxi is around 2 EUR if you want to go from the university to the city centre. Bills are also very cheap – to illustrate, the Internet fee is around 7 EUR per month. The local currency is Bulgarian leva (BGN). Enjoying a nice dish at a restaurant can cost 5 to 8 EUR and street food is even cheaper! Of course, eating out is more expensive compared to grocery shopping and cooking at home. It is also possible to work part-time during your studies in case you look for ways to finance your studies abroad.

Student accommodation

If you study at Plovdiv Medical University, you can book a place at the student dormitory. It is located about 30 minutes walking distance to the campus. The rooms have two beds, two desks and a private bathroom. To apply for a room in the dormitory, students must fill out an application form after their official university enrolment. The rent is around 50 EUR per month. Keep in mind that the places are limited.

Most international students at Plovdiv Medical University prefer to look for accommodation near the university campus. Renting a nice modern apartment for two people (including two separate bedrooms) near the university is usually around 1000 BGN (approximately 500 EUR) per month. In comparison, if you choose to live in a private apartment near the university, you can expect to pay around 350 EUR per month. Usually, apartments are fully furnished and bills are not included in the rent. We can help you find a private or shared apartment that is 5 to 10 minutes walking distance from the university – here you can find more information about our relocation services as well as tips for apartment hunting in Plovdiv.

About the city

Plovdiv is the second biggest city in Bulgaria – as of 2018, there are around 350 000 people who live in it. It is known as one of the most beautiful cities in Bulgaria. Of course, Plovdiv offers many sightseeing places and leisure activities for students. There are many sports facilities, shopping malls (including Markovo Tepe shopping mall which is 10 minutes away from Plovdiv Medical University) and scenic hills where students like to watch the sunrise or the sunset from. Also, locals like to walk along the main pedestrian street and wander around the Old Town of Plovdiv and the famous Kapana creative district.

It is important to mention that there is an international airport near Plovdiv. Plovdiv Airport offers flights from and to different countries like the United Kingdom and Germany and is located only 30 minutes away by car from the city centre. This way the city welcomes many international students and tourists. Sofia Airport, the biggest airport in Bulgaria, is located one hour and a half away by car from Plovdiv. Therefore, if there is no direct flight from your country to Plovdiv, you can also travel to Sofia. After you land in the capital city, you can catch a taxi to Plovdiv or travel by bus or by train after reaching Sofia Central Bus / Railway station.

Plovdiv is also known as the art hub of Bulgaria and is one of the most ancient cities in Europe. Here you will find many galleries and museums – the Old Town of Plovdiv is located in the city centre and is one of the main sightseeing spots. The exhibitions at the Ethnographic museum and the famous Balabanov’s house, the concerts and events at the Roman theatre as well as the views from the Nebet tepe hill over the whole city and Maritsa river are a must-see!

Foreigners find safety in the city excellent! In the evenings, students like to go out for a walk along the main pedestrian street and to enjoy dinner with their colleagues in the colourful Kapana creative district. Furthermore, people of all religions are welcome – many restaurants offer dishes from around the world, including halal food, and Dzhumaya mosque in the city centre makes all Muslims in Plovdiv feel as if they have never left home. Of course, Bulgarians are also very friendly and speak English – once you move to Bulgaria, you will see that all important information is available in English and locals are always happy to help.

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