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Do you consider yourself studying Medicine or Dentistry in English in Bulgaria? Or maybe Veterinary Medicine in English sounds more suitable for you? You choose the study program, we help you apply!

Studying in Bulgaria means more available study places, lower entry requirements, affordable tuition fees and living costs as well as a globally recognized degree!

Our admission team will prepare your application to study at the most prestigious universities in Bulgaria and provide you with excellent entry exam preparation! Our office is based in Bulgaria, so we also provide full ongoing support!

Apply now to secure a place for admission in Bulgaria in 2021!

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What our students say:

"First thing that comes to my mind as I prepare to write this testimonial of Inter HECS' services is 'thoroughly professional'"

Abdi-Rahman Kulmiye

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"Inter HECS are like a forever promise to be there throughout your stay in Bulgaria!"

Aisha Mohamed

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"The fact that Inter HECS look out for you and are willing to solve any problems you encounter once you are at university is something that stands out for me"

Aishwarya Sharma

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"They made my transition from my country to Bulgaria a piece of cake!"

Alex Emmanuel

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"The opportunity to become a doctor is the biggest thing that could've happened to me and Inter HECS are the reason why I am currently able to work towards my dream."

Amrita Solanki

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"I sincerely believe Inter HECS bring their unique energy, optimism, passion, and tireless efforts to fulfill their work with Medical University of Sofia."

Angeliki Kapadaki

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"Compared to other German agencies, Inter HECS takes a lot less money and is still there for you even after the application process is completed"

Anja Wasmuth

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"Meeting Dimitar and his colleagues on various occasions helped us build a rapport with them which gave me and my family the confidence to go to a foreign country to study medicine."

Archana Nair

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"Students still keep in touch with the Inter HECS' team, I am happy to be part of the family!"

Asad Shah

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"Helped in every step of processing application, airport pick-up, apartment hunt, sim card, bank account etc."

Austin Augustin

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"We had a fantastic service with regard to our daughter's admission in Sofia Medical University"

Babu Augustine

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"I can not thank God enough for helping me to find Inter HECS!"

Behroz Khabiri

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"A great support to have when you are a first year."

Danielle Ghouri

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"I was going to lose an year at Medical University - Sofia but because of Inter HECS - I didn't"

Dimitra Psarri

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"I have no words for Inter HECS' Manager Dimitar. He helps you no matter what the problem is. Like a brother."

Fawaz Khalid

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"Genuinely good people who have your best interest at heart and the best services anyone can offer!"

Hana Seedat

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"After not being able to get into dentistry in the UK, Inter HECS reassured me that I would still be able to become a dentist."

Hashim Imran

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"Not only the application process was easy but the help received in Bulgaria was amazing"

Havza Hussein

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"First, I was a little suspicious about using an agency and not sure if I would get my place but it all worked out"

Ivan Brekalo

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"I can honestly say there is not a single negative thing I could say about Inter HECS!"

Kanwal Afsha

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"Inter HECS is a life saver"

Konstantinos Papadakis

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"Inter HECS don't just sign you up and leave you alone. They are there for you."

Mahdey Sabbah

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"As I applied to university super late, I wouldn't have been able to study in Sofia now without the help of Inter HECS"

Maike Krohn

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"Inter HECS makes you feel like part of a big family"

Marcel Akdenizli

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"I’m extremely glad I found Inter HECS after struggling to secure a place in a U.K. dental school!"

Masaud Iqbal

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"Inter HECS helps you like you are family and not just a client"

Meral Naeem

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"At first I was quite sceptic about using an agency to deal with my application to a foreign university. However, Inter HECS is one that puts your mind at ease"

Mohammed Abdul Razak

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"The application process was smoother than I could ever have imagined"

Mohammed Uzair Khan

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"Inter HECS is based in Bulgaria… around 2 minutes walking distance from the university!"

Samir Muhammad

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"I would like to thank Inter HECS for all the support and help during and after my enrollment"

Sandy Giannetopoulou

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"The speed of their response is super fast so you are always well informed of what is happening during each step."

Sara Anjum

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"I strongly recommend anyone planing to study in Bulgaria should come through Inter HECS only, because the team is one in a million..."

Sicily Anthony

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"I’d like to thank Inter HECS for all the help they provided: 10/10, 5 stars, A1 quality!"

Usman Akram

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"I am yet to see an agency do, what they do, as well as they do it."

Younis Abdulla

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"I'm a parent and I used Inter HECS to get my son into Plovdiv Medical University"

Yousuf Adia

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"Moving to a foreign country to study can be intimidating for yourself as well as for your family, but thanks to Inter HECS Ltd me and my parents feel at ease as the team is trustworthy and helpful throughout your stay."

Аnushi Withanage Don

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