Frequently asked questions

Inter HECS is the Bulgarian leader in student recruitment services. We provide full assistance and support for all candidates who wish to study in a Bulgarian University. With more than 15 years of experience we offer a lot of services that range from the application procedure, preparation of documents, relocation services, full ongoing support and even support after graduation. Our main office is located in Bulgaria, which means we will be very close to you providing you with full support with everything until you finish your education in Bulgaria.

Inter HECS is officially registered in Bulgaria with registration number 203016200.

Inter HECS has 15 years of experience with the Bulgarian education. We provide full application and relocation support! Do not forget that our main office is located in Sofia, Bulgaria, which means we will be very close and supporting you throughout your education in Bulgaria.

We provide individual assessment of all candidates that are willing to apply and study in Bulgaria and we give suggestion and advices about which University will be the best for you.

Every university has specific requirements about admission. For Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy and Veterinary medicine every candidate should have grades in Biology and Chemistry in their School diploma and their results should be above 62% (A, B or C). For other specialties like Engineering ones, the requirement is Mathematics and Physics.

Inter HECS offers full online application. The procedure we follow is step-by-step thus guaranteeing your successful enrollment. You can see our basic steps below:

Step 1: We provide free initial consultation explaining more about the educational opportunities in Bulgaria. In order to determine whether you are eligible to study in Bulgaria, we need to examine your case and documents. So you have to send us scanned copies of all your School diplomas officially by email or provide us with more information about your educational background.

Step 2: After you send us all the required documents or information, we will examine them fully and send you more information about the options for enrollment. If you choose to accept one of our packages, we will sign an Agreement, so you can be sure your place is secured.

Step 3: The candidate has to fill our online application form;

Step 4: Inter HECS will give a full access to our online portal, so the candidate can fill our online application form, upload necessary documents and check all the needed information about studying and living in Bulgaria;

Step 5: After all documents are prepared according to the requirements of the University, Inter HECS will submit them at the respective University;

Step 6: If there is an Entrance exam, we provide full assistance with preparing you for it, so you will pass it successfully;

Step 7: After you pass the Entrance exam, we will send you official email stating that you are officially accepted as a student in the chosen University;

Step 8: After receiving the official email regarding your acceptance, you have to come to Bulgaria, register officially at the University and begin your studies.

Yes, you can. We can still start your application in order to fully secure your place at your chosen University. Please keep in mind that you will have to provide us with your academic transcript and the required admission documents as soon as you have them.
Important note: in order to receive official admission letter all required documents should be prepared and submitted at the University.

For most of the Bulgarian Universities you have to pass an Entrance exam. Once you choose the University you wish to study in, you can contact us and we will explain you the full entry requirements.

Yes, we provide our applicants with past examination papers and sample tests. We also organize preparatory courses led by university teachers.

Inter HECS is granted exclusive rights to organize the entrance test for all our partner Universities abroad. But of course if you wish you can sit the exam in Bulgaria. Find the exact dates and locations on our Events page.

Most of the Bulgarian Universities are starting their academic year in September/October. The academic year is divided in two semesters. The first semester (winter semester) is from September/October till February. The second semester (summer semester) is starting in February and finishes in June with final exam sessions.
For example, Pleven Medical University is starting in February each year.

The deadline for submitting applications at the chosen university is usually in September. However, we strongly recommend applying as soon as possible so that you have time to collect all application documents as well as prepare for the entry exam, if there is one.

Yes. If you are currently studying in university that matches the academic program of the chosen Bulgarian university, you are eligible to transfer. First of all, you have to apply with the normal application procedure. The difference is that you should include your official academic transcript and university syllabus from your current university. We will help presenting your case in front of the University as we can secure and guarantee the places for our transfer students in the highest academic year possible. You should know that when we successfully complete your transfer, the subjects you have already passed in your previous university should be recognized in the university which accepted your transfer. Inter HECS provides full assistance with the recognition of the subjects and passed exams.

Usually the programs lasts between 4 and 6 years:
- Medicine (Master degree) - 6 years
- Dentistry (Master degree) - 5.5 years
- Pharmacy (Master degree) - 5 years
- Engineering specialties (Bachelor degree) - 4 years
- Economical specialties (Bachelor degree) - 4 years

All programs include the required preclinical and clinical hours of training along with internship works. After completing the program, students have to sit final license exam or defend a thesis in order to be awarded their official degree.

The annual tuition fees range from €3000 to €8000, depending on the chosen degree, programme and university.
Medicine – €7000-8000
Dentistry – €8000
Pharmacy – €6000
Veterinary Medicine - €3000-€5000
Engineering specialties - €1500-€3000
Economical specialties - €1500-€3000

You can pay the tuition fees in two installments throughout the academic year (one in the beginning of the first semester and the second in the beginning of second semester), or in advance if you prefer to do so.

The living costs in Bulgaria are low compared to the most European countries. Monthly cost, including rent in private accommodation, bills, food, electricity, gas, water, TV & Internet and books depend on the city you will be living in. If you live in the capital it will be more expensive. Approximately you will be spending between €320 and €700 per month.

Our services are designed for students and for that reason our fees are very reduced compared to other educational consulting companies. We also offer discounts.

If we are not able to provide you with a place in the university of your interest we will give you two options:
- Enrollment in another prestigious Bulgarian university;
- FULL refund of your deposit and all payments you made to our agency. This will be confirmed in our agreement as well.

If you are European citizen, you do not need a student visa in order to study in Bulgaria. Some countries have special bi-lateral agreements with Bulgaria, but most non-EU candidates are required to apply for a student VISA type D.

There are Bulgarian and English taught courses. The English courses are entirely taught in English language. One very important requirement is that every student should know basic Bulgarian language for their internships at Bulgarian hospitals. You will study Bulgarian language as part as of your University program. If you have any difficulties with the language, we organize Bulgarian language courses regularly.

All students can qualify for scholarships based on their excellent grades and academic performance in the University.

Only European students (EU citizens) are eligible to obtain a student loan to finance their studies. All Non-EU citizens should contact their Ministry of Education to seek any funding options.

Yes, they are. Bulgarian universities are internationally accredited and the Degrees they offer are world-recognized. Together with your Diploma, you will receive a European Supplement which allows you to work in any other country in the EU and beyond.

You can practice in the country of your choice if the degree is recognized by the local bodies that are responsible for the degree accreditations. Bulgarian degrees are internationally accredited and fully recognized in all European countries and most of the countries worldwide. We are suggesting before you apply to consult with a local body to see what are your possibilities of working in the country after you graduate from Bulgaria.

There is no age limit or restrictions. We have students that are 17 years old and 55 years old.