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Holidays, festivals and events in Bulgaria

Bulgarian traditions are very rich and never fail to amaze each person who has the chance to experience them.

One of the most beloved customs in Bulgaria is Baba Marta (meaning “Granny March”). It starts on the first of March and is celebrated throughout the whole month. In the first days of the month, everybody gives each other martenitsa (a small bracelet or dolls made of white and red yarn) and takes them off when they see a stork or a blossoming tree – the symbols of spring. Other interesting traditions in Bulgaria include nestinarstvo (people dancing on hot glowing embers), kukerstvo (a ritual where the participants are dressed up in handmade costumes to chase away the evil spirits) and egg colouring and breaking for Easter. Name days are also paid a lot of respect in Bulgaria. Many people are named after saints, for example, Georgi and Gergana celebrate their name day on St. Georgi’s day (May 6th).

There are also many events and festivals throughout the country. Some of them include the Rose Festival, Kavarna Rock Festival, Sofia Rocks, A to JazZ Festival and Bansko Jazz Festival. Sofia, being the capital city, usually hosts the biggest concerts in the country. Most of them take place at Areena Armeets hall or the National Palace of Culture. Plovdiv, the second biggest city in Bulgaria, is also very famous when it comes to arts – it was pronounced the “European Capital of Culture 2019”. Whenever a famous singer comes to visit Bulgaria, they often perform not only at the biggest halls in Sofia but also at the Roman Theatre in the Old Town of Plovdiv! In addition, you can take part in many summer festivals in Varna and Burgas, two beautiful cities at the Bulgarian seaside!

Students also have days off on national holidays in Bulgaria. Some of them include 3rd March (the Liberation day), 6th September (the Unification day) and 22nd September (the Independence day). This is when municipalities organize many events to celebrate the national history and culture. Students also have a break around Christmas and Easter, so most of them fly back home to spend the holidays with their families.

According to international students in Bulgaria, exploring the local culture is a must and is one of the top 10 tips to enjoy your stay in Bulgaria!

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