Application to a Bulgarian university

Inter HECS acknowledges the importance of information for students who wish to study in Bulgaria. Hence, our application services include: free academic consultations, preparation and submission of documents, entry test preparation, online application platform and registration at the Bulgarian university of your choice.

Free academic consultations

You have just completed your secondary education so you are wondering what your next destination is? Whereas other people ask you what you will do next, you probably have many questions, such as: What specialty should I study? What university should I choose? What is the difference between completing a degree abroad and in Bulgaria? What are the advantages of studying abroad? Is it true that the Bulgarian diploma is recognized in the EU?

If you are interested in studying abroad, the team of Inter HECS will help you. We provide free academic consultations which will help you choose the best university and the most suitable specialty. Hence, make sure you attend our Open Days throughout the whole year where you can meet university representatives, current students and Inter HECS representatives!

Preparation and submission of documents

The team of Inter HECS acknowledges that the collection and submission of the documents at the University and the enrollment procedure are your main priority. Once you decide to work with us, we guide you through the application procedure by providing you up-to-date and detailed information as well as making sure you meet all the deadlines. Our services include translation and legalization of all documents needed for your successful application as well as personal submission to the university of your choice.

Entry test preparation

It is common that you have to sit an entrance test in order to register at the university. The team of Inter HECS will help you prepare for it - we send test samples as well as offer individual trainings with professors who will later prepare the exam. Hence, you should not worry about anything. For instance, Inter HECS organized the entrance test for Sofia Medical University in London and Thessaloniki as well as for Plovdiv Medical University in Greece. This year, we will also prepare future students for the entry exams and organize the admission tests for the best medical universities in Bulgaria in different European capitals! 

Online application platform

Our online platform will not only inform you about all documents you need to submit, but the application tracking tool will show you what stage your application is at. Additionally, your individual profile on our platform will get you in touch with your colleagues and share all information regarding living in Bulgaria and the university of your choice.

Registration at the Bulgarian university

Collecting the documents is probably the easiest part of the application for admission at a Bulgarian University. Once the university has accepted them, the Inter HECS team is in charge of your registration - we cover administrative fees needed for your application and make sure your enrollment at the university is successfully completed. 

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