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Study at the Caucasus International University in Tbilisi

Located in the capital city of Georgia, Caucasus International University is a great choice if you consider studying abroad. It offers various study programs in English, such as Medicine, Dentistry, International Marketing and Business Administration and attracts a diverse array of international students every single year. Caucasus International University stands for high excellence in education and a global academic community. Let us tell you more about it!

Reasons to study at Caucasus International University in Tbilisi

There is no doubt about it – applying for admission to Caucasus International University is the right choice. And here is why:

  • Just like other reputable universities in Europe, Caucasus International University offers Medicine and Dentistry in English. However, the tuition fees are much lower – you can expect to pay 6000 USD per year for Medicine in English and 5000 USD per year for Dentistry in English.
  • There are two intakes – in September and in March. This gives you more time to prepare for the start of the academic year and more flexibility when choosing when to begin your journey abroad.
  • The diploma issued by the CIU is recognized abroad, so you can work in a different country after graduation. 
  • The university is also recognized by the GMC (General Medical Council), the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia, the Medical Council of India, the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates, and more world-renowned institutions and councils.
  • Caucasus International University offers clinical practice for medical students starting from the first semester. Furthermore, there are Georgian language classes to help you adjust better to the local environment.
  • The university has established partnerships with other universities in more than 20 other countries around the world, including Germany, South Korea, the USA, Spain, France and more.
  • Students can take part in scientific projects, international conferences and workshops, and take gain practical experience in modern labs. Here is a virtual tour of the campus. 
  • There is a peer mentor program so you will never feel left out! Furthermore, a career development service center is always by your side to support you when making important decisions about your future professional path.

About Caucasus International University in Tbilisi

Caucasus International University is located in the capital city of Georgia, Tbilisi. Only 15-minute walk away from Guramishvili metro station, students can quickly reach the centre of the city and visit the Old Town, explore some of the famous museums or hop on the famous cable car for a view over the city and the river.

Caucasus International University was established in 1995 and nowadays unites five different faculties – the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Business, the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Faculty of Viticulture-Winemaking. Over the years the university has been recognized by world-renowened institutions and medical councils, including the GMC in the United Kingdom. Furthermore, the partnerships established with other universities allow students to study in a different country during the course of their studies and gain even more international experience. The career development center, the research projects and the peer-to-peer mentor program are also something the CIU is proud of.

Admission, entry requirements and university life

If you are interested in admission to Caucasus International University, a set of application documents will be required as well as passing an interview organized by the university staff. Depending on the intake you choose, spring or autumn one, there are also important deadlines for submission of the documents and a different date for the start of the academic year.

Thanks to the services we offer, more than 1000 people every year apply successfully for admission to a university abroad. We will be happy to assist you with collecting the needed application documents, prepare for the interview that is part of the admission process and provide you with detailed information about your stay and accommodation in Georgia. Contact our team for a free consultation and we will be happy to be by your side in this journey!

Life in Tbilisi

Tbilisi, the capital city of Georgia, has become a famous destination for international students, expats and digital nomads. Here are some reasons why:

  • The living expenses in Tbilisi are much lower in comparison to the expenses in other capital cities in Europe.
  • The international airport in Tbilisi offers direct flights to many destinations in Europe and Asia. Famous airlines like Turkish Airways, flydubai, Lufthansa, and more operate here.
  • There are many things to do in Tbilisi – there is an amusement park, a funicular, a cable car, sulphur baths, hiking trails, an Old Town, many museums and galleries.
  • Locals are very friendly – young people speak English and are always happy to help out.
  • Tbilisi is considered a safe city – students like to go out in the evenings to restaurants as well as enjoy a walk along the famous boulevards or in the beautiful Old Town.

Tips for foreigners in Tbilisi

We are happy to share with you some tips that will help you enjoy your stay abroad as an international student:

  • Don’t be shy and talk to upper-year students! Thanks to the peer program by the CIU you will be able to make many friends with other students. 
  • Be active and do sports! Take advantage of the sports facilities of the university, the affordable gym membership cards or simply go for a hike near around the hills of Tbilisi. You will love it!
  • Be open to the local culture and cuisine! Traditional dishes like khinkali and khachapuri are famous all – over – the – world! Also, learning the basics of the language thanks to the classes provided by the CIU will definitely help you make some local friends and adjust smoothly to the local culture.
  • Study outside! There are many free WiFi hotspots like “Tbilisi loves you” near parks and shopping malls. Also, you will be surprised by the high number of co-working places around the city! This is a great chance to meet other people like you who live abroad.
  • Call 112 if there is a problem!

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