Tips from Students

Tips from students in Bulgaria

The team of Inter HECS has helped many people become students in Bulgaria! They have shared with us tips that may be useful to applicants like you. Find out how to adjust to life abroad quicker and how to make the most of your stay in Bulgaria by reading the top 10 tips by upper-year students in Bulgaria:

  1. Learn some Bulgarian phrases! Some Bulgarians, especially elderly people, do not speak English so make sure you know some phrases like “Hello” (“Zdrasti”), “Bye” (“Dovizhdane”), “Thank you” (“Blagodarya”)! Also, locals are always happy to see when foreigners are open towards their culture and language!
  2. Try out the local cuisine! There are many international fast-food chains in Bulgaria, however, the local cuisine is marked by various delicious ingredients and traditional meals. Dishes you should try include banitsa, mousaka, tarator, sarmi and Shopska salad (which was even recognized by the European Parliament as the best dish in Europe)! 
  3. Be open to new practices! Traditions in Bulgaria are very interesting so make sure you don’t leave Bulgaria without having at least once worn a martenitsa or danced a traditional Bulgarian horo!
  4. Check out social media channels! Creating a Facebook page for every single event in Bulgarian cities is quite common, so make sure you check out social media channels for interesting happenings in your area. On our Instagram account we also share events organized by student societies in Bulgaria!
  5. Think outside, work outside! There are plenty of free wireless Internet hotspots as well as parks in every city. This means you can read your lecture notes or write your papers outside while enjoying the sunny weather. Sounds great, right?
  6. Plan a trip around the country! Public transportation in Bulgaria is quite cheap and renting a car is also affordable. There are plenty of winter and summer resorts as well as world heritage sites around the country. The “100 Tourist Sites of Bulgaria” movement offers many ideas when you have some time off and you are interested in travelling around the country. Here are some must-visit places in Bulgaria!
  7. Challenge yourself! The geography of Bulgaria is very diverse, so are sports! Some activities might not be available in your home country, so make sure you give bungee jumping, sky diving, hiking, scuba diving or rafting a try!
  8. Make friends with locals! Bulgarians are famous for being very welcoming and friendly, so this “tip” won’t take much of your time! Having Bulgarian friends will also help you enjoy your stay here – they can invite you to interesting events or teach you useful phrases in the local language. 
  9. Talk to upper-year students! They are your mentors – they have already been through everything that awaits you. They will be happy to share with you ideas on what to do in your free time as well as tips on passing different exams and how to prepare for lessons at the university.
  10. Balance academic and social life! It is important that you live a healthy happy life abroad – find a hobby that you enjoy, do sports, go out with friends, talk to your family! You can do this even during exam sessions – the key is to work on your time management skills!

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