How to apply

How to apply

If you wish to apply for admission to a Bulgarian university, you must complete several steps to successfully become a student in Bulgaria. In the following, we have prepared a rough list of these steps and information about what you should expect from the admission process:

Step 1: Choose the right study program

The first step to becoming a student is to decide what exactly you want to study. Applicants should think about their interests and dream career. What field inspires you? Do you have an idea what you want to do after graduation? A common choice among applicants is Medicine in English or Dentistry in English, but there is a wide variety of study programs in Bulgaria that you can choose from.

Step 2: Choosing the right Bulgarian university

You have already set your mind on a study program, but you are not sure which universities in Bulgaria offer the course or you have no idea which city may be good for you? We have published a list of Bulgarian universities with full information about the study programs they offer, the admission process and what life in the respective city is like.

Step 3: Check if you meet the entry requirements

This is where things become more complicated. Each study program and each Bulgarian university (even if the same study program is offered by multiple universities) has different entry requirements. For instance, some universities may include an entrance test as part of the admission process, some may require you to have specific subjects in your high school diploma to apply and often the number of needed documents also varies depending on your educational background. We offer free Online Open Days where we discuss all these matters!

Furthermore, we provide a free initial consultation! To determine whether you are eligible to study in Bulgaria, we will carefully review your documents at no cost and provide you with a full list of our services. In case you choose to work with us, we will sign an official agreement and start the application.

Step 4: Prepare and submit the needed application documents

The application officially starts with the preparation of the application documents. This is, of course, one of the most important steps for successful admission. If you miss the university deadline for submission of the documents or you fail to prepare certain papers according to the university’s requirements, you risk losing your chance to become a student for the respective academic year. Usually, each Bulgarian university requires a different set of application documents and it is often the case that deadlines for EU and non-EU applicants are not the same. Furthermore, some documents need to be translated and legalized, so this step presents one of the biggest challenges for future students.

But don’t worry! Students who choose to work with Inter HECS have an individual profile on our online portal. There they can upload the necessary application documents, check what they have to do next and track their application status 24/7. Every applicant has a personal assistant to make sure the application goes smoothly, there are no questions left unanswered and all university requirements and deadlines are met. In addition, the online portal provides full information about the respective university, instructions on passing the entrance exam as well as different useful features like booking an airport pick-up!

Step 5: Sit an entrance exam (if applicable)

Sometimes, a crucial part of a successful admission is passing an entrance test. This is usually the case for people who want to study Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy or Veterinary Medicine. Usually, the exam takes place online but this may vary depending on the study program and the university of your choice. Furthermore, the subjects included in the exam may be different. It is important to know that the entrance exam results play a very important role for admission, especially when the university ranks all students according to their grades and the places are limited. This is why it is essential that students prepare well – sometimes a retake is not an option!

We have many years of experience, so our online platform has it all – applicants for every study program at every Bulgarian university have access to study materials, sample tests and online mock exams which have been prepared by teachers. In addition, we offer individual tutoring if an applicant needs further help. This is the reason why the average grade of our students in entrance exams is higher than 90% and many of them even get full marks!

Step 6: Wait for university approval

After you pass the entrance exam and the university has reviewed your documents, it is time to know if you have received a spot at the university. Often, applicants are ranked according to their high school and entrance exam grades. Keep in mind that each Bulgarian university has a different number of seats available. Most universities in Bulgaria announce the admission results in September.

Step 7: Move to Bulgaria

If your place at the university is confirmed, it is time to plan your trip to Bulgaria! To start with, consider all things you should know before moving to Bulgaria – what is the local currency, do you need a student VISA, what airport is the closest to the city where you plan to live, etc.?

To make sure that our students do not stress out about travel matters, we offer full relocation services! They range from arranging your airport pick-up and hotel stay, finding accommodation in Bulgaria to even helping you set up home Wi-Fi and more!

Step 8: Complete your university enrolment

Once you arrive in Bulgaria, the final step is to complete your enrolment. This is usually done in person at the university and students must fill out different documents, including a contract with the respective higher education institution. This step may be quite stressful and time-consuming – usually, the enrolment is done on specific days when all freshers queue up and look for the right place to submit their documents.

Don’t worry – our services cover this matter, too! We organize Orientation weeks in Bulgaria, which include various interesting and useful events like campus and city tours, get-togethers with your colleagues and of course, university enrolment! To avoid all the hassle, we book a special time slot for your registration and your documents are filled out in advance by our team … and the only thing you need to do is simply put your signature!

Congratulations, you are now a student in Bulgaria!

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