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Support After Graduation

Now that your studies in Bulgaria are over, we offer assistance in relation to your professional experience. Once you graduate, you can look for a job straight away thanks to one of the main advantages of Bulgarian higher education – obtaining an internationally recognized diploma.

CV creation and preparation for a job interview

We understand that job interviews can be very stressful even for the most prepared and self-confident graduate. Inter HECS organizes individual meetings during which we discuss body language and general questions that employers usually ask before and during a job interview. We prepare materials in advance according to your dream career and the country where you want to work. Of course, we can give you a hand with creating your CV and share with you tips on writing an excellent cover letter!

Finding a job in Bulgaria or abroad

Often, looking for a job is not an easy task. However, we collaborate with international companies in various fields to make sure you are offered many opportunities soon after graduation. Furthermore, we will provide you with detailed information about work requirements and employment possibilities in Bulgaria. Thanks to our help many graduates find a job in a short amount of time – life after university does not have to be challenging!

Registration at institutions abroad

If you wish to work abroad after graduating in Bulgaria, you will most likely have to register at a relevant foreign institution before you can legally start a job in the country of your interest. For instance, students in Medicine have to complete their registration at the General Medical Council, in case they want to pursue a career in the United Kingdom. Our team has many years of experience and our graduates already gather professional experience abroad, so we are familiar with all requirements and deadlines. Furthermore, we assist with the translation and legalization of the documents which may be needed for the registration at the foreign institutions!

Applying for a PhD program

Some students also look for specialization in Bulgaria and abroad. Our team can help you in this regard! We provide graduates with detailed information about suitable PhD programs as well as their tuition fees and requirements for admission. Keep in mind that places are usually limited and entry is very competitive. For some PhD programs in Bulgaria knowing the local language is also a must.

Get in touch with alumni

As mentioned, many of our students have already completed their degrees and now work in Bulgaria or abroad! We keep in touch with them and we can share with you their contact details so that you discuss life after university. Meanwhile, make sure to read some tips by upper-year students – we are sure you will find them very useful!

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