Support after graduation

Graduating in Bulgaria

Now that you are a graduate of a Bulgarian medical school, we provide assistance in relation to your professional experience. Once you have completed your higher education in Bulgaria, you can look for a job right away, because your diploma is recognized everywhere in the world. If you wish to work in your home country, you will have to register in a local medical institution before you can legally work (e.g., the UK General Medical Council). 

Medical council registrations

After obtaining a medical degree at the best Bulgarian medical universities, we provide assistance with the registration at the UK General Medical Council (GMC). But first, if you wish to practice in the UK, you will have to undergo the Foundation Programme: a two-year generic training programme (FY1+FY2) which forms the bridge between medical school and specialist/general practice training. But don’t worry, Inter HECS will help you skip the First Year (FY1) of the programme as it’s equal to the 6th academic year you did as an internship in Bulgaria. A graduate from a Medical School in the UK will have to do both FY1 and FY2 as he or she will have only Bachelor’s Degree, and the students graduated from a Bulgarian Medical University will have the chance to go directly to the FY2 as they will have a Master’s Degree. Students who have a degree in Dentistry must register at the General Dental Council (GDC) in order to start practicing in the UK. Graduates from the Bulgarian Dental Faculties will skip the Vocational Training Year (internship), since their 6th academic year in Bulgaria is equivalent to the VT and start working immediately after registration at the GDC. The procedure is similar for the Veterinary Graduates who must register at the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) and start practicing in the UK immediately.

The same process is valid for any other European country, as graduates from Bulgarian Medical Schools can start local specializations or programs. For the non-EU citizens who have obtained their Medical Degree in Bulgaria or for those who wish to practice in non-EU countries the process may differ considerably. We will assist you with registration at the respective Medical Council, so you can start practicing as a Medical Doctor, Dentist or Vet.

Assistance with finding a job

Finding the best job after graduation is not an easy thing to do. However, we collaborate with some of the biggest recruitment companies. This is why our graduates find a job in a very short time with our help.  

Furthermore, we understand that job interviews can be very stressful even for the most prepared and self-confident graduate. Inter HECS organizes training interview meetings for its graduates on which we discuss some of the aspects of body language and general questions that employers usually ask. We prepare the training interviews individually, according to your own experience and Curriculum Vitae. We will also teach you what to say when it comes to discussing your professional experience, your academic skills and personal qualities.

Inter HECS will also give you a hand with writing your CV and will show you how to write the best cover letter. With our help you will surely win the competition called interview!

A graduate student in Bulgaria
Graduate and work in Bulgaria