Study Economics in Bulgaria

Studying Economics abroad is a great opportunity to gain deeper knowledge and understanding of the complexity of international relations and business. Following the 2008 financial crisis, many universities have refined the courses they offer and provide students with skills to analyze the dynamics of economics and to work around them.

Bulgarian universities also follow these trends in education and welcome many international students who are eager to study Economics abroad. Bulgarian higher education has many advantages – it is well-known for its excellence and affordable tuition fees. In addition, the low living expenses in Bulgaria make the dream to study abroad much more accessible.

Sofia University and the University of National and World Economy are two of the most prestigious Bulgarian universities to offer Economics as a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in English. Both of them provide an all-rounded education, student exchange programs and internships. Furthermore, both universities are located in the capital city of Bulgaria and therefore, foreigners take advantage of exciting student life and many opportunities for career development.

As an Economics student, your schedule at the university will include subjects like Microeconomics, Statistics, Corporate and Financial Law, Digital Marketing and many others. Usually, lessons take place Monday to Friday, so you will also have time for your hobbies. The academic year is divided into two semesters and students have a long summer break. Provided that you have good time management skills, you can also look for volunteering and part-time job opportunities to boost your CV.

Of course, if you are unsure if Economics is your passion, you can consider applying for other study programs in Bulgaria!

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