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Life in Bulgaria

Bulgaria presents a great opportunity for people who wish to study abroad! International students get to enjoy their university years in a country that is famous for its rich history and culture, high quality of education and affordable living expenses. Furthermore, the multicultural environment and the interesting leisure activities in each Bulgarian city make it easy for every foreigner to have a great time! In the following, we will touch upon various topics which are important for every foreign student in Bulgaria.

  • Living expenses in Bulgaria: If you prefer to live in the city centre or you like to eat out regularly but you are worried about spending too much – don’t worry, life in Bulgaria is very affordable! Here you can find detailed information about living expenses in Bulgaria.
  • Health and safety in Bulgaria: It is completely normal to stress out about matters like safety or health matters before moving abroad. International students in Bulgaria have shared their experience with the local healthcare system – we have prepared an article about this topic too!
  • Holidays, festivals and events: Getting to know a different culture is one of the best aspects of living abroad! , and events in Bulgaria allow you to meet other foreigners like you, adjust to the local culture, and be active in your free time!
  • Sports and nature: When talking about being active in your free time, we can’t miss the opportunity to mention the various sports facilities and natural wonders in Bulgaria – the country is perfect when it comes to staying fit and spending time outdoors!
  • Tips from students: You may want to hear from international students who are already enrolled in a study program in Bulgaria – we have already done that and have summarized the top 10 tips to survive life in Bulgaria!
  • Student accommodation: Of course, apartment hunting is part of the journey to study abroad. Undoubtedly, finding a suitable apartment in a different country is a big challenge – this is why we have listed the most frequently asked questions regarding student accommodation in Bulgaria and our answers to them.

Of course, if you have any questions about student life in Bulgaria – make sure to contact us! Our team is from Bulgaria so we will be happy to tell you more about our home country!

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