Study Medicine in Bulgaria

The majority of foreign students in Bulgaria study Medicine in English. This decision comes with a lot of responsibilities – are you ready to improve the quality of health care in your local community and to devote your time to people’s emotions and health issues? As a doctor, you need to possess great teamwork, problem-solving and communication skills. Furthermore, you need to continuously strive to improve these skills, expand knowledge in your work field, follow clinical research trends and implement all you have learned so far in your daily life. In the end, as a graduate in Medicine, you will have many career paths ahead of you and the positive impact you make on people’s lives will reward your efforts!

In the following, we will discuss the advantages of studying Medicine in English in Bulgaria, the career opportunities after graduation, the tuition fees and living costs in Bulgaria, the universities that offer this study program as well as your daily life as a medical student abroad.

Advantages to study Medicine in Bulgaria

You may wonder what the benefits of Bulgarian higher education are and if life as a student abroad will be good for you. We believe four main aspects attract foreign students to Bulgaria: the internationally recognized degrees, the excellent career opportunities after graduation, the affordable living costs and tuition fees as well as the multicultural environment.

If you decide to study Medicine in Bulgaria, you will graduate with a Master’s degree that is internationally recognized abroad because Bulgaria is a member state of the European Union. This is a very good opportunity for people who wish to work or study abroad after completing their studies and want to take advantage of different career opportunities around the world. Thanks to the internationally recognized diploma but also the high quality of higher education and the practical experience universities in Bulgaria offer, you will have many career paths ahead of you. Many students choose to work abroad or to apply for a PhD program so that they become experts in their field of interest. Whatever option you choose, you will take advantage of a high graduate employment rate and you will be involved in a fast-developing field that aims to improve the quality of health care around the world.

Furthermore, living expenses and tuition fees in Bulgaria are lower in comparison to other European countries. To illustrate, rent in a modern apartment in the city centre of the capital city is around 350 EUR per month – something that is difficult to find elsewhere. Furthermore, the tuition fees for Medicine in English vary between 7000 and 9000 EUR per academic year, whereas the annual fees of prestigious universities in Western Europe are much higher. We have prepared detailed articles about living costs in different Bulgarian cities as well as frequently asked questions about the tuition fees in Bulgaria.

Sofia and Plovdiv are the two largest cities – they are rich in history, culture and diversity. Two of the leading medical universities, Sofia Medical University and Plovdiv Medical University, welcome nearly 1000 foreign students every year. Most of them come from the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Ireland, India, Pakistan and Sweden. Students of all religions are also welcome! International restaurants and brands in the biggest shopping malls will make you feel as if you have never left home!

Bulgarian universities which offer Medicine in English

Six Bulgarian universities offer Medicine in English. The tuition fees vary between 7000 and 9000 EUR per academic year and the duration of the course is six years. Applicants must sit an entrance exam in Biology and Chemistry to be considered for admission. Some universities also have an English test that applicants need to pass. The curriculum of all universities includes internships and students graduate with a Master’s degree.

  • Sofia Medical University is one of the leading medical universities in Bulgaria. It offers Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy in English. It is located in the city centre of the capital city which allows students to take advantage of a multicultural environment, multiple leisure activities as well as the biggest international airport in Bulgaria.
  • Another university which is located in the capital city of Bulgaria and also offers Medicine in English is Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski. It is one of the highest-ranked higher education institutions in Bulgaria – it offers various study programs in the field of Economics, Philosophy, Psychology, Politics, etc. 
  • Plovdiv Medical University is also one of the best medical universities in Bulgaria. Its university campus includes many research centres and modern lecture halls. It is located in the second biggest city in Bulgaria – Plovdiv, known as one of the most ancient cities in Europe and the “European Capital of Culture 2019”. А great bonus is Plovdiv Airport, located only 30 minutes away from the city centre by car.
  • Trakia University is located in the city of Stara Zagora – the most affordable place in Bulgaria to study Medicine. The high quality of education, the historic town and the low living expenses draw the attention of many foreign students every year! Over the past few years, the city has become a very famous destination to study abroad. 
  • If you want to study Medicine in Bulgaria, Varna Medical University is also a great option. It is located at the seaside and is a perfect destination for people who look for a multicultural environment, nice weather and excellent higher education. Varna Airport is located in the outskirts of the city.
  • Pleven Medical University also offers Medicine in English. It is located in Pleven, Bulgaria – a city around 200 km away from Sofia. Lectures start in February. This is different to all other Bulgarian universities which offer Medicine in English – for all of them the official start of the academic year is around October.

Medicine in English in Bulgaria: Entry requirements and tuition fees

As discussed above, the tuition fees for Medicine in English in Bulgaria vary between 7000 and 9000 EUR per academic year. They are paid in two instalments – students pay half of the tuition fees at the beginning of the winter semester and the other half at the beginning of the summer semester. It is common for students to apply for a student loan in their home country to study abroad in Bulgaria. Some Bulgarian universities offer scholarships but they do not cover the tuition fees.

As for entry requirements, all universities in Bulgaria that offer Medicine in English have already introduced an entrance test in Biology and Chemistry. Sometimes, applicants have to sit an English exam too. Furthermore, a set of application documents must be prepared and submitted according to the university’s requirements and deadlines.  Combined with the high number of available university spots as well as the entry requirements which are relatively low in comparison to the requirements of other medical universities in Europe, Bulgaria presents a great opportunity for people who wish to study Medicine. We also offer application services to make sure that students prepare their application documents on time and achieve excellent grades in the entrance exam!

An average day of a medical student in Bulgaria

If you study Medicine in English, your first two years at university revolve around pre-clinical training and include subjects like Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Latin and Anatomy. All lessons are taught in English and students learn Bulgarian to be able to speak with locals and patients. There are two types of lessons – lectures and seminars, and all of them usually take place on weekdays. The final year at university consists of various internships at different hospitals.

In general, medical students have a busy schedule and good time management skills are a must. Once you get used to university life, it will be easier for you to organize your free time to enjoy leisure activities and maybe find a part-time job in Bulgaria.

Feel welcome to take part in our Online Open Days – we provide full information about the medical universities in Bulgaria and often invite upper-year students to share their experiences. We also offer free individual academic consultations so that you choose which university and city suit you. Furthermore, we have made many videos with students in Bulgaria – check them all here.

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