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Would you like to study abroad in a city where the seaside is only 10 minutes away from the campus, living costs are affordable and the international vibe attracts not only many foreign students but also many tourists all year round?  If your answer is positive, then Varna Medical University is definitely the place to be! It is one of the leading medical universities in Europe and it offers Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy in English. Below we have included detailed information so that you know what to expect from the university and the city itself before submitting your application and starting your journey as a student!

About the university

Varna Medical University was founded in 1961 and is considered one of the most prestigious universities in Bulgaria to study at. It has four different faculties – Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Dental Medicine, Faculty of Pharmacy and Faculty of Public Health. The modern university campus includes many places where students conduct scientific research and practice what they have learned – for instance, there is a centre for simulation technology and medical equipment! Varna Medical University also offers Open Days which allow applicants to look around the lecture halls and meet upper-year students.

The annual tuition fees are 6000 to 9000 EUR which is much lower in comparison to other medical universities in Europe. Also, Bulgaria is part of the European Union so the diplomas issued by Varna Medical University are recognized abroad and allow you to look for job opportunities or PhD programs in other countries. The main difference between Varna Medical University and other medical universities in Bulgaria is the location of the university – Varna. The city is called “The Sea Capital” of Bulgaria. Hence, if you are a beach lover, you should definitely consider applying for admission to Varna Medical University!

The campus is located in the central area of Varna, only 10 minutes away from the main pedestrian area where locals and foreigners love to spend their free time. The city combines nice warm weather, many sightseeing places and a multicultural environment. Seize the opportunity to go to the beach when you have a break between your lectures – it is only within 15 minutes walking distance from Varna Medical University. The campus is also easily accessible via public transportation.

Study programs & Tuition fees

Medical University Varna offers three Master’s degree programs in English: Medicine, Dental Medicine and Pharmacy. Applicants must sit an entrance exam to be considered for admission. The tuition fees are 9000 EUR per academic year for Medicine and Dentistry in English (year 1) and 8000 EUR for the same study programs between second and sixth year, and 6000 EUR per year if you wish to study Pharmacy. They are paid in two instalments. Keep in mind that the university does not offer scholarships to cover the tuition fees. Other universities which offer Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy in English in Bulgaria are Sofia Medical University and Plovdiv Medical University.

The study programs Medicine in English and Dentistry in English at Varna Medical University take six years. The final year is dedicated to an internship in the field – it takes place in Bulgaria. Lessons are held in English. Students also have Bulgarian language classes during the first three years of their education to be able to communicate with patients. Pharmacy in English takes five years and includes an internship too. Students in Pharmacy have Bulgarian language lessons only for two years.

Application & Entry requirements

One of the most important admission steps at Varna Medical University is the entry test in Biology and Chemistry. It is a must for all applicants in Medicine, Dental Medicine and Pharmacy. The exam takes place online and includes questions of different format – e.g. true/false questions, definitions and explanations, multiple-choice questions. Each test takes one hour and 30 minutes. To make this application step less stressful for all applicants, Varna Medical University offers several entry exam dates and has published a textbook with sample exam questions. Applicants are allowed to retake the exam and are later ranked according to their grades as a final step of the admission process.

Keep in mind that you may have to pass an English test. This is a must in case you cannot provide an English language certificate. Citizens of countries where English is the native language (the United Kingdom, Ireland, the United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand) or citizens who have completed secondary education in one of these countries do not have to sit the English entrance test.

Of course, to apply for admission to Varna Medical University, applicants must have completed their secondary education. Furthermore, they must submit several application documents to the university. Some of these documents must be translated and legalized, so make sure to strictly follow the requirements of the university as well as stick to all important deadlines. If you need assistance, you can take advantage of the application services we offer!

Student life & Living costs

People who study at Varna Medical University can join several student societies and associations which contribute to the multicultural environment of the university. These include the Students’ Union​, Association of medical students in Varna, Association of dental medical students in Varna​ and the Association of pharmaceutical students in Varna​​.

Student life in Varna is excellent – there are many sightseeing places to explore Bulgarian culture and history, a lovely park right next to the seaside to spend your day off as well as many sports facilities in and around the campus to help you stay fit during your studies abroad.

Living expenses in Varna are also cheaper in comparison to the living costs in other famous tourist destinations in Europe. Renting a nice modern apartment is around 300 EUR per month, but the price varies depending on the neighbourhood you choose and how big the apartment is. Choosing to share an apartment with another student will also cut down your monthly expenses! Eating out is also affordable and street food is very common.

Student accommodation

Varna Medical University has two student dormitories. The dormitories have been renovated and include a park, a parking lot, ATMs as well as 24-hour video surveillance. Rooms are double and triple, and each one of them has a private bathroom. Rent in the student dormitory is around 50 EUR per month. The dormitories are located at 35 “Petar Raichev” Str. and 3 “Bregalnitsa” Str.

Of course, some students prefer to find an apartment in Varna. The main advantage is the opportunity to choose the location of the apartment, its size, furniture and of course, whether it is a one- or two-bedroom apartment (meaning if you want to have a roommate or not). In this case, rent may vary between 200 and 300 EUR. Keep in mind that people usually use the services of a real estate agent.

About the city

Varna is the third biggest city in Bulgaria – it is one of the most international places to live in! Varna Medical University, Varna University of Management, the Naval Academy, the University of Economics and other higher education institutions welcome local and foreign students. The city itself is a very popular tourist destination in summer – Varna International Airport offers flights to and from different cities around the world, so travelling is very convenient!

The city is also very safe – once you move to Varna, you will see that the main pedestrian streets, as well as the park next to the seaside, are full of people, especially in summer when the weather is very warm even in the late hours of the night. The official holiday of Varna is on 15th August, so around this date, you will see fireworks and open-air performances organized by the local municipality. In summer there are also many arts festivals, hip hop and pop culture concerts at the beach!

What people love about Varna is that all important places are within walking distance. This way you can easily visit the interesting museums (e.g. the Archeology Museum and the Retro Museum), go shopping or simply spend your free time at the beautiful Primorski park with a view over the Black Sea. Near Varna there are many famous sightseeing places such as Kaliakra cape, Aaladzha monastery and Balchik palace!

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