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Do you wish to study Medicine abroad where the beach is only 10 minutes walking distance away, where summer attracts people from all over the world and where people from all over the world have been brought to one place in order to study at one of the best medical universities in Bulgaria?

Since its foundation in 1961, Varna Medical University has paid great attention to practical training. Studying in an environment that actively motivates critical thinking and with much greater opportunity to get in real medical research, the medical student of the 21st century is able to obtain an abundant and distinct clinical skills unknown to past generations. The intensive six-year medical experience at Varna Medical University is consciously designed to improve your intellectual growth and prepare you for success in today’s promptly changing global context of the health-care industry.

Why should you study at Varna Medical University?

Medical University of Varna offer  high quality of training and modern environment with unlimited opportunities – high-tech labs, a library with electronic reading rooms and access to databases that provide information regarding the newest research in the field of Medicine. These are only some of the advantages of Varna Medical University.

People who study Medicine or Dentistry at Varna Medical University also enjoy the low tuition fees that Varna Medical University has. Students from Varna Medical University pay only 8000 Euro per academic year which is comparatively low if you are looking at other medical universities in Europe. In addition, the low living expenses in Bulgaria attract many students from all over the world. 

The main advantage of Varna Medical University in comparison to other medical universities in Bulgaria is that it’s located in the sea capital of Bulgaria, so if you are sea lover you will feel more than perfect combining your lessons with some time for relaxation on the beach!

Varna Medical University - Accreditations

Varna Medical University is the first and only University in the country which introduced EFQM® model for Business Excellence of the European Foundation for Quality Management. It is a fact that Varna Medical University is a leader when it comes to modern technology, medical and scientific research as well as university facility. According to the world academic ranking system Webometrics, Varna Medical University is also ranked better in comparison to other medical universities in Bulgaria. Also, Bulgaria is part of the European Union so the Master's degree diploma issued by Varna Medical University for its students in Medicine and Dentistry is valid in all European countries.

People who study at Varna Medical University can take part in several students organizatons and associations which help current students meet other people passionate about the field of Medicine and Dental Medicine. These include the Students’ Union​, Association of medical students in Varna, Association of dental medical students in Varna​ and the Association of pharmaceutical students in Varna​​. 

What can you study at Varna Medical University?

The study programmes at Varna Medical University are designed for students who have true passion for medical science. The academic year starts in October so people may apply until the end of September. If you want to study at Varna Medical University, you can choose two programmes:

Medicine in English at Varna Medical University (M.D. programme) takes six years. During the last semester students gather practical knowledge in a hospital close to Varna Medical University. If you wish to study Medicine at Varna Medical University, you must pay 8000 Euro per academic year. In exchange, at the end you will obtain a Master's degree and the qualification "Doctor of Medicine". Sounds tempting, right? 

Dentistry in English at Varna Medical University (D.M.D. programme) takes also six years and includes pre-graduation practice. Dental students from Varna Medical University must also pay 8000 Euro per academic year and graduate with a Master's degree that is valid outside of Europe. This helps graduates of Varna Medical University apply at hospitals in other countries where international work experience is highly appreciated. The diploma is also issued in English language!

How do people apply for a study programme at Varna Medical University?

If you want to study Medicine or Dental Medicine in English at Varna Medical University must submit several application documents to the University. These include an application form, a copy of the diploma for secondary education, a medical certificate and a copy of your passport. Some of these documents must be translated and legalized. This is why Inter HECS - Study in Bulgaria is here to help you - as an official representative of Varna Medical University, we will provide you with trustworthy information regarding all entry requirements and will take care of the translation and legalization of all application documents. Also, as our headquarter is based in Bulgaria, we are here to support you even while you study at Varna Medical University! 

The admission at Varna Medical University is not as easy as it may seem. Applicants for Medicine or Dentistry at Varna Medical University are allowed to apply at Varna Medical University only after sitting an admission test in Biology and Chemistry as well as having grades in both subjects in their high-school diploma. Inter HECS - Study in Bulgaria offers preparatory courses for Biology and Chemistry so that you are sure you pass the exam successfully. 

Varna Medical University – Student Dormitories and Private apartments

Varna Medical University has two student dormitories. Rooms are double and triple, and each one of them has private bathroom, TV and WiFi. Unfortunately, students must share a kitchen. This is one of the reasons why some people who study at Varna Medical University decide to look for a private apartment. However, the cheap price of a room in the student dormitory of Varna Medical University is what attracts students the most - they must pay only 50 Euro a month (and it includes all bills). If you wish to apply at Varna Medical University and a room in its students dormitory, we advise you to submit your documents until August. This way, you will still have a chance to get a place in both - university and a dormitory. 

Of course, some students from Varna Medical University prefer to find a private apartment. The advantages are that they can choose the location, its size, furniture and whether it is one or two bedroom apartment (basically choose if you want to have a roommate or not). It is also not very hard to find an accommodation place in Varna. Usually, a private apartment for two people in Varna costs about 200 EUR. Just keep in mind that people usually find a place with the help of a real-estate agent whom you have to pay one month fee.

If you want to study at Varna Medical University, Inter HECS - Study in Bulgaria will not only help you submit your application documents to the University but also find you a place in Varna so that you only have to arrive in Bulgaria when the academic year starts!

Varna Medical University – Student Loans and Scholarships

Varna Medical University offers scholarships for students in Medicine and Dental Medicine in English. Eligible applicants include full-time students who have passed all of their exams. Indeed, academic achievements and a high grade point average are two of the most important aspects when Varna Medical University is to decide whether a student will be granted a scholarship. This is why we advice future applicants to take their studies at Varna Medical University seriously, earn some extra money they can spend for their tuition fees or leisure activities in Varna and take advantage of everything the University has to offer.

The tuition fees of Varna Medical University are low but might present a burden for people who cannot afford to pay 4000 Euro per semester. This is why Varna Medical University allowed applications for a student loan. However, these applications must be submitted to a bank instead of the University itself. There, you also need to meet certain requirements, such as being under 35 years old or having passed all of your exams successfully. If you want to study at Varna Medical University, we will help you apply for a student loan so that you finance your studies and graduate with no worries!

Where is Varna Medical University located?

Once again, one of the main reasons why people choose to study at Varna Medical University is its location. The University is located in the central area of the Bulgarian "sea capital" - Varna. The city combines a warm nice weather, many sightseeing places, international atmosphere because of the large amount of tourists visiting the city each summer as well as events which attract people from each corner of Bulgaria and even from neighbouring countries. Seize the opportunity to go to the beach when you have a break between your lectures - it is only in 15 minutes walking distance from Varna Medical University. The location of the University is also easily accessible via public transportation.