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Student accommodation in Bulgaria

Has a study program offered by a Bulgarian university drawn your attention? Or maybe you already have a university spot and now is the time for you to move to Bulgaria? If your answer is positive, then finding a suitable place to stay in is a crucial part of arranging your stay abroad. In the following, we have included the answers to the most frequently asked questions when it comes to student accommodation in Bulgaria. Of course, the team of Inter HECS is always at your convenience should you need any help or should you have any questions or concerns!

Furthermore, we have prepared a useful video about accommodation hunting in Bulgaria – make sure to check it out!

  1. How much is student accommodation in Bulgaria?

Student accommodation in Bulgaria is very affordable – a shared room in the university dormitories costs around 50 EUR (100 BGN) per month. However, most international students prefer to live in a private apartment – in this case, rent is around 200 EUR – 400 EUR (400-800 BGN) per month depending on the city and the neighbourhood you live in.

  1. How can I find student accommodation in Bulgaria?

Foreigners who like to rent a private or shared apartment in Bulgaria often use the services of an estate agent. It is important to work with a trustworthy estate agent who will prepare a good rental agreement as well as show you apartments that meet your expectations and budget. As part of our services, we offer assistance with accommodation hunting – we can get you in touch with reliable estate agents, review your rental agreement, help you find a flatmate and so on!

  1. What is the best time to search for student accommodation in Bulgaria?

The academic year of most Bulgarian universities starts in September or October. If this is also the case for the university of your choice, we advise you to start looking for accommodation around July or August. The reason is that apartment hunting close to the start of the semester is usually more difficult due to the high number of students moving to Bulgaria at that time.

  1. Where can I live as a student in Bulgaria?

There are two main options – a student dormitory (if the university has one) or a private/shared apartment in the city where you plan to live. 

Usually, in the student dormitory, two people live together – there is one bathroom and a bedroom with two beds and two desks. The main advantage of living in the student dormitory is the cheap rent (usually around 50 EUR per month per person). On the other side, student dormitories in Bulgaria are often far away from the universities and the places are limited. Furthermore, some dormitories do not have a kitchen and you are not allowed to cook inside the rooms.

Another option is to look for a private or shared apartment in the city where you will study. This way you can choose where to live, how the apartment looks like, who you live with, etc. In this case, the rent is higher (200 to 400 EUR per month depending on the city you live in, where the apartment is located, etc.).

  1. Can I live with another student of Inter HECS?

Yes, you can – finding a flatmate is part of our services.

  1. Are there any other matters I should be aware of?

When you choose an apartment you have to sign an agreement with a landlord. This is the time when you usually have to pay three different fees:

  • Rent for the first month;
  • 1 or 2 deposit/s/ (which usually equals 1 or 2 month(s) rent);
  • Commission for the real estate agent (if you have used the services of one);

Check our YouTube channel for useful information in regards to student accommodation in Bulgaria!

  1. Are bills included in the rent?

No, usually they aren’t.


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