Non-EU degree recognition

Non-EU degree recognition in Bulgaria

If you have graduated from a country outside of the European Union, but you wish to practice in an EU country, you should follow a number of steps to get your diploma recognized. Inter HECS is here to guide you so that your degree recognition becomes a smooth and pleasant process.

One of the steps that you need to go through is submitting several documents to the Ministry of Healthcare. Keep in mind that Bulgarian languange skills are a must. This is why we organize Bulgarian courses in case you want to improve your language skills. They will help you successfully learn the Bulgarian language and get your degree recognized as soon as possible. After you complete the course as well as sit an exam, there are couple of tests in your field of study that you also need to sit.

We realize that the degree recognition is a hard task - don’t hesitate to contact an Inter HECS representative and we will give help you overcome any difficulties you experience. In the end it will all be worth it.

Degree Recognition in Europe