Non-EU degree recognition

Non-EU degree recognition in Bulgaria

If you have graduated in a country that is not member of the European Union, but you wish to work in Europe, you are probably looking for an opportunity to recognize your diploma. Our team has already helped many people achieve this and we are here to guide you too!

Keep in mind that the process to get your non-EU degree recognized in Bulgaria may take a year or even more. There are many steps you should go through – as every case is different, our team has the experience to review your documents and provide you with services that match your needs and expectations.

The first thing you need to do is to contact our team and include information about:

  • Your national background
  • Your educational background (if possible, please send us all relevant diplomas)
  • Your Bulgarian language skills

The data will be protected and used only for our team to get familiar with your case and to be able to offer you services that match your profile.

Once you have provided us with all the necessary information and we have reviewed your case, we will send you a quote for our services. The next step is to sign an official agreement and begin the process of recognition – it will be a long but rewarding journey!

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