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Transfer to a Bulgarian university

If you currently study abroad or you have taken a few classes and you look for an opportunity to complete your studies somewhere else, it may be possible for you to transfer to a Bulgarian university! This is a great chance to find a better city where you feel at home or a reputable university that allows you to obtain an internationally recognized diploma.

Usually, transfer students undergo a more complicated university application. The reason is that the case of every applicant is different – where and what they have studied, what exams they have passed, etc. The university needs to carefully review if the transfer student meets all entry requirements and if the subjects which have been passed so far can be recognized. This way the student will not have to repeat exams and the duration of the course will be shorter. Keep in mind that transfer students may be required to sit an entrance test, depending on the university of their choice. 

The team of Inter HECS has many years of experience with transfer students in Bulgaria, so we can assist you with the application procedure – our services cover everything needed!

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