Other study programs in Bulgaria

To study in Bulgaria is to study in the European Union! You will take advantage of the excellent quality of education as well as affordable tuition fees and living costs. Bulgarian universities offer many study programs and can help you achievΠ΅ your long-term career goals!

In Bulgaria you can find Bachelor and Master courses in Bulgarian, English, French, Russian Π°nd German language. Some universities also have double-degree programs which allow you to study in Bulgaria and at another prestigious university in a different country. Opportunities for distance learning and PhD programs are also offered by various universities in Bulgaria.

We have already made detailed articles about study programs which most foreign students in Bulgaria choose: Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Veterinary Medicine, Computer Science, Engineering, Economics. However, you may be interested in other fields, for instance, Accounting, Architecture, Law, or Archaeology. Would you like to get involved in the politics of the EU? Or, you might prefer to create modern websites and become an IT expert? Is Psychology your passion? Or you might want to become a sports journalist? In Bulgaria, you have the chance to study and work in a variety of different fields – from Finance and Banking to Sales, Marketing and Marine Engineering.

If you are unsure what you want to study or you have already made up your mind but you cannot find any information about the study program of your choice – feel welcome to contact us! We offer free individual academic consultations and Online Open Days – they will help you learn more about education in Bulgaria!

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