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Do you want to study Medicine in English? Do you look for a small town where everything is located within walking distance and affordable expenses will make you focus on your studies instead of worrying about your finances? Is your dream to study at a prestigious medical university where you will obtain a Master’s degree that allows you to work abroad in Europe after graduation? If your answer to those questions is „yes“, then perhaps we have exactly what you’re looking for – Pleven Medical University in Bulgaria!

About the university

Pleven Medical University was established in 1974. It is the first university in Bulgaria to introduce the study program “Medicine in English” – the year was 1997! Nowadays, the university has four different faculties: Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Public Health, Faculty of Health Care. The high quality of education is supported by the modern labs and the university hospitals where students practice what they learn and gain valuable experience. You will also find excellent research centres in and around the campus! Furthermore, as Bulgaria is a European Union member state, the degree you obtain at Pleven Medical University is internationally recognized.

The university offers the Erasmus+ program. It allows students to gather even more international experience that will help them become doctors who can communicate freely with people from different countries. Also, the chance to travel during your studies will help you make friends with medical students from abroad!

Pleven Medical University is located near the city centre of Pleven. Around the university, you will find many shops, supermarkets, cafés, restaurants and gyms. Pleven is small and safe city – a great place to combine your studies with many recreational areas and cultural events.

The tuition fees at Pleven Medical University are affordable. They are lower in comparison to the fees of other leading higher education institutions in Bulgaria. Combined with the low living expenses in Pleven and Bulgaria in general, the university attracts people who wish to study Medicine abroad without experiencing any financial difficulties.

Finally, the academic year at Pleven Medical University starts in February. This means that people who did not apply for a university spot in summer do not have to miss a whole year and can become students soon after admission to all other universities in Bulgaria is already closed!

Study programs & Tuition fees

International students can apply to study Medicine in English at Pleven Medical University. It is a Master’s degree program and the duration of the course is six years. The first two years are dedicated to preclinical training and students have an internship during the final year of studies. All subjects are taught in English – the only exception is Bulgarian language. Students learn the local language as they need to communicate with patients during the internship. Adding extra language skills to your CV will impress your future employers and of course, working with people of different backgrounds is very useful to help you expand your horizons and get used to real-life situations at hospitals. The university also offers Pharmacy in English.

If you want to study Medicine at Pleven Medical University, you should keep in mind that the academic year starts in February. Thus, you have a bit more time to apply, as the academic year at all other medical universities in Bulgaria starts around October. The annual tuition fees for Medicine in English at Pleven Medical University are 8500 EUR (year 1) and 7500 EUR (for year 2 to year 6) which means they are lower in comparison to the tuition fees at other medical universities in Bulgaria such as Sofia Medical University or Plovdiv Medical University. The tuition fees for Pharmacy in English are 8500 EUR per year. They do not include costs related to the entrance test and student accommodation.

Application & Entry requirements

To study Medicine in English at Pleven Medical University you’ll need to go through several admission steps. To start with, you need to prepare application documents. Some of them include an application form with an attached brief CV, a medical certificate and a certificate of English proficiency (if you come from a country where English is not the native language). We will be glad to assist youour office is based in Bulgaria so we will help you prepare and submit your documents, provide you with up-to-date information regarding the status of your application as well as support you throughout your studies.

Furthermore, if you want to study Medicine at Pleven Medical University, you need to sit an admission test in Biology and Chemistry. It takes place online and applicants need to have a computer/laptop, a camera, a microphone, headphones and, of course, a good Internet connection. There are several entrance exam dates throughout the year. Don’t worry about preparing for the test – we organize online preparatory courses and study materials to help you cover the syllabus and achieve great marks!

The final stage is the university ranking. Students who have passed the entrance exam and have successfully submitted their application documents are included in the final ranking. Keep in mind that entry exam results play an important role in the ranking, so you should prepare well for it.

Student life & Living costs

In comparison to other big cities in Bulgaria, student life in Pleven is much more affordable. While people in the capital city spend around 350-400 EUR per month on rent, international students in Pleven pay only about half of this amount for accommodation. Also, one main advantage is that the most important places in town (including the university, the sightseeing places and the lovely parks) are all within walking distance of each other. This means you do not need to spend money on taxis or public transport. Of course, restaurants in Pleven are also much more affordable in comparison to other big cities in Bulgaria. Another thing you will definitely like is the international community at Pleven Medical University. Many students come from the United Kingdom, Italy, India and Pakistan. Upper year students are also very friendly and organize many events throughout the academic year to help you make friends!

Student accommodation

Pleven Medical University has two student dormitories. One of them is located near the university, but the places are limited and students are allowed to apply for a room after admission is complete. This is the cheapest type of accommodation in Pleven, as rent is only around 50 EUR per month. Keep in mind the majority of people who stay at the dormitories are actually Bulgarian students.

Of course, you can also look for a private apartment in Pleven. The living expenses in Pleven are rather low so you don’t have to worry about spending a fortune on rent. Most students live within walking distance to the university and pay around 250 EUR per month for a private apartment. You can also look for an apartment for 2 people, if you want to share bills and accommodation with another student. In this case, every tenant would pay around 200 EUR per month.

About the city

The city of Pleven is located in Northern Bulgaria, approximately 170 km (2 hours and a half by car) away from Sofia. There are daily bus lines that connect Pleven and the capital city, which makes travelling very convenient – this way you can easily reach Sofia International Airport. Another option is to look for flights in Bucharest, Romania, which is around 220 km away from Pleven.

One of the reasons why international students choose to move to Pleven, Bulgaria are the low living expenses. Renting a modern private apartment in the heart of the city centre will cost you around 250 EUR per month. If you live on a student budget, Pleven is a city you should consider moving to – this way you can study abroad at a prestigious university and keep an eye on your wallet.

Pleven is also very safe and student-friendly. The lovely parks (especially City Garden, Skobelev and Kaylaka parks) are some of the best places in town to spend your free time. Pleven is a historic town – its official holiday is on 10th December. Here you will find many interesting museums – we recommend the Regional History Museum and the Pleven Panorama! There are also shopping malls and pedestrian streets where you can go with your friends and enjoy the day after work or university lessons. 

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