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Study at Pleven Medical University

Study at Pleven Medical University

Do you want to study Medicine in Bulgaria? Are you however worried about your future and want to make the best choice in terms of university? If the answer to those questions is yes then perhaps we have exactly what you’re looking for - Pleven Medical University. The university offers some of the best education practices when it comes to the field of Medicine. At Pleven Medical University the research is driven by creativity and curiosity, addressing today’s world clinical and healthcare needs. This is demonstrated by its close work with Pleven’s City Hospital.

The University itself was established in 1974 and since then has made tremendous progress. International students from the Balkans, the Middle East, Europe, Africa and Asia graduate each year from Pleven Medical University. Pleven Medical University exists to create and share knowledge and to educate and train individuals in becoming reputable clinicians, scientists, teachers and innovators. Its research and innovation are at the cutting edge, inspiring the teaching and enabling the research for the patient and social benefit throughout Europe and beyond.

Pleven Medical University – Accreditations

Of course, if you want to study at Pleven Medical University, you would probably want to know everything related to the diploma Pleven Medical University issues for its students as well as its recognition in other countries. There is no need to worry. As Bulgaria is a European union member state the diploma from Pleven Medical University is internationally recognized. Furthermore the university has accreditations given by the National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency at Bulgaria’s Council of Ministers.

Of course, people who study at Pleven Medical University can take advantage of the students exchange programme Erasmus plus. This allows international students at Pleven Medical University to gather even more international work and study experience that will help them become doctors who are able to communicate freely with people from different countries. Also, the chance to travel during your studies will help you make friends with medical students from countries different than Bulgaria or your home country!

Benefits of studying at Pleven Medical University

Naturally, an internationally recognized diploma is not a good enough reason to apply at a university. So why should you choose to study Medicine at Pleven Medical University? Several reasons actually. As mentioned above the university has a large number of international students. This means getting used to the experience of studying abroad will be much easier and the large multi-cultural setting will also help you gain more knowledge with regards to future careers in Medicine. The more you know the better, right? Of course it’s not only this.

The university’s courses offer both a high level of theoretical understanding combined with practical experience and work in a clinical setting. Under the watchful eye and guidance of academic professionals with years of experience who are either doctors or scientists with a large number of publications students can achieve the best results and prepare themselves for careers in Medicine.

Also, Pleven Medical University is a great place for people who want to study Medicine in exchange to low tuition fees. Combined with the low living expenses in Pleven and in Bulgaria in general, Pleven attracts people who wish to study Medicine in Bulgaria and enjoy an academic year with no financial struggles. 

What Pleven Medical University can offer

International students can apply for Pleven Medical University’s Medicine Study Programme in English. However, future students will have to attend compulsory courses in Bulgarian so that they are able to communicate with patients during their practical work. This is done only after students are already admitted in Pleven Medical University, don't worry.

If you want to study Medicine at Pleven Medical University, you must keep in mind that the academic year starts in February. Thus, you have a bit more time to apply for the study programme at Pleven Medical University. The tuition fees for Medicine in English at Pleven Medical University are 7500 Euro per academic year which means that the study programme is cheaper in comparison to other medical universities such as Sofia Medical University or Plovdiv Medical University. The tuition fees do not include the fee for the admission test for Pleven Medical University as well as students dormitory. 

Admission into Pleven Medical University

In order to study Medicine at Pleven Medical University you’ll need to go through the admission process. In order to study at Pleven Medical University, you must submit a copy of your high-school diploma, an application form with an attached brief CV of the candidate, a certificate with a statement of marks, a medical certificate and a certificate of English proficiency. We will be glad to assist you throughout the application process at Pleven Medical University. We are based in Bulgaria so we will submit your application documents to Pleven Medical University, provide you with up-to-date information regarding the entry requirements and the status of your application as well as support you throughout your studies in Pleven.

In addition, the main requirement if you want to study at Pleven Medical University is to have grades in Biology and Chemistry in your high-school diploma. Regardless of the grades, if you want to study Medicine at Pleven Medical University, you need to sit an admission test in Biology and Chemistry. The entry test was introduced in 2017 and tests applicants' knowledge in the field of Biology and Chemistry. The admission tests for Pleven Medical University consists of basic questions so future applicants should not be worried about their admission. Inter HECS - Study in Bulgaria organizes online preparatory courses in Biology and Chemistry so that you feel well-prepared for the entry test for Pleven Medical University.

Last but not least, the academic year at Pleven Medical University starts in February. This means that in comparison to other universities, the second semester at Pleven Medical University starts in October. The main advantage of this fact is that people who did not have a chance to apply for a medical university in summer can apply to study Medicine at Pleven Medical University in autumn and start their studies in February.

Pleven Medical University – Student dormitories

Pleven Medical University has a student dormitory where rooms are usually shared between two or three students. People who choose to stay in the students dormitory of Pleven Medical University will have a private bathroom but will have to share a kitchen with people living on the same floor. There are usually two beds, two desks and a wardrobe in each room. Students are not allowed to cook inside the room. The rent is about 40 Euro a month and includes your bills, e.g. WiFi and heating.

One of the dormitories of Pleven Medical University is located five minutes away from the University. The other one is rather far away so most students usually catch a bus or a taxi in order to reach it. If you want to rent a room in the students dormitory of Pleven Medical University, you must provide a statement from the Student Office with signature and stamp of the faculty, application form and two photos of yours (passport size). Keep in mind that many students want to apply for a room at the students dormitory in Pleven so the application deadline is in July.

Of course, you can also look for a private apartment in Pleven. The living expenses in Pleven are rather low so you don't have to worry about spending a fortune on a private apartment. The city is quite small so you also don't need to find something right next to Pleven Medical University. The low living costs in Pleven, Bulgaria allow you to find a private apartment for about 200 Euro a month.

Student loans and scholarships at Pleven Medical University

People whose home country is a member state of the European Union are allowed to apply for various scholarships at Pleven Medical University. Scholarships are usually awarded to people who study at Pleven Medical University and have great academic achievements. This is why it is usually required that the student applying for a scholarship has successfully completed at least one semester at Pleven Medical University.

As tuition fees for Pleven Medical University are low but not cheap in any case, people who study at Pleven Medical University may apply for a student loan. They submit their documents to a bank in Pleven and must present several certificates, declarations and a rental agreement. If you wish to apply for a student loan at Pleven Medical University, do not hesitate to contact Inter HECS - Study in Bulgaria. We will help you apply for several scholarships and student loans so that you finance your studies!

Where is Pleven Medical University located?

If you choose to study at Pleven Medical University, you will definitely not regret it! The University is located in the central area in Pleven. It’s on 1 Sv. Kliment Ohridski str. It’s near the Balkan hotel, across Ruse Boulevard. All faculties are located in the campus for the convenience of students. Around the university exist many shops, supermarkets, cafes, restaurants and fitness clubs. The town of Pleven is small and peaceful but at the same time full of life! People are friendly and helpful. There is no better place for getting your educational degree combining it with lots of places of sightseeing, recreation, entertainment, many cultural and sports events. The town of Pleven is located in central Bulgaria which gives you opportunity to explore many other interesting towns and places and to reach them fast by bus or car. Another big advantage of the town is that everything is at a short distance! In case you are not fan of walking, don’t worry – there are plenty of taxis and the prices are really cheap.