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Looking for halal food in Sofia or Plovdiv?

Halal food in Sofia and Plovdiv, Bulgaria

We know that Bulgarian cuisine is great but it sometimes it might be hard for foreigners to find halal food. In the following, we will provide you with more information where to find halal food in Sofia and Plovdiv.

Halal food in Sofia

If you are looking for halal food in Sofia (keep in mind this is usually not sold in supermarkets), our students recommend the following places:

– 75 Tsar Simeon Str. aka ‘Arab street’ – a halal bakery street serving traditional Arabic food such as lahm-bilajeen. Prices are very reasonable e.g. 1 lahm-bilajeen is 1.50 lev, naan breads are 2 for 1 lev.
– 163 Knyaz Boris I – near to the bakery is a halal Iraqi restaurant serving all types of Iraqi dishes. Prices start at 5 leva for a plate of rice with a stew/sauce of your choice such as okra, fava beans, aubergine stew.
– 99 Tsar Samuil Str. – a small Lebanese café serving fast food such as shish touk, burgers and shawarma. Located very close to ‘Arab street’. A shawarma wrap costs between 2.5 – 3.5 leva, and a whole chicken costs 9 leva.
– 38 Praga Str. – ”Chicken shack” restaurant/take-away is very popular with students as it is very close to the university. Serving a variety of middle eastern food including some home cooked dishes that vary daily.  A large shawarma wrap is 3.50 leva as is a burger and a whole chicken with chips costs 10 leva.
– 1407 Byala Cherkva – Samer Grill House is a sit down Turkish restaurant with a variety of Turkish dishes. Prices are a bit more expensive as this is a serviced restaurant. Starters are priced between 5 – 10 leva, mains between 8 – 25 leva and desserts between 5 – 8 leva.

Halal food in Plovdiv

If you are looking for halal food in Plovdiv, we recommend the following places:
– Pasa restaurant (1 min walk from Central mosque, 10 Zlatarska Str.)
– Antik restaurant – Turkish kebabs and everything (216 6th September Str.)
– Damask Kebab (a doner place) located 5 min walk from Plovdiv Medical University, 35 Vasil Aprilov Str. 
– There is also a halal meat shop (3 Tsoko Kableshkov Str.)

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