Tips: How to survive winter in Bulgaria?

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Tips: How to survive winter in Bulgaria?

Tips to survive winter in Bulgaria

Winter in Bulgaria is not famous for being too cold in comparison to other European countries (early in the morning the temperature is around – 10°C), but if you are not used to snow or you simply prefer summer, it may not be your favourite part of the year! Hence, we would like to share with you 10 tips for staying warm in the cold weather in Bulgaria. 

1. Watch your step!

Due to the snowy weather sidewalks and stairs may be slippery … and if you are not careful enough you might fall down and hurt yourself

2. Watch your head!

Winter in Bulgaria will definitely make you look around when you walk out – and we are not only talking about the sidewalks. Especially in late winter when the temperatures are going up, be careful of falling icicles. Hence, we recommend you don’t walk close to buildings and you always watch out for big icicles hanging from the rooftops of old and tall buildings. 

3. Suitable shoes are a must!

To survive winter in Bulgaria you definitely need suitable shoes. To start with, spending some money on slip resistant footweat (for instance, with ice grips) is something you won’t regret. Also, thick sole shoes are a must – this way your feet won’t get wet in the snowy/rainy weather!

4. Try Bulgarian terlitsi!

Everyone in Bulgaria knows what a terlik (plural: terlitsi) is and so must you. Terlitsi are old-fashioned warm slippers usually made by old ladies (every grandmother has bought a pair for their grandchildren!). You will see a lot of people selling them on the streets of Bulgaria or in open markets. Alternatively, you can also buy thermo socks from sports shops – keeping your feet warm in winter is very important for your health!

5. Electric blankets are a life-saver!

One thing everyone hates in winter is going to bed when the sheets and the blanket are cold. One thing we definitely call a life-saver is an electric blanket! Watching a movie or simply going to bed with it is one of the best things in winter – it warms up in a minute and makes you forget about the snowy weather outside. You can usually buy one in big supermarkets or shops that sell blankets, pillows, sheets, etc. Keep in mind that the electricty bill might go up if you use the electric blanket very often. 

6. Hot water bottle – the cheapest way to stay warm in winter!

If you haven’t heard of hot water bottles, it is definitely high time you buy one (or make one yourself!). These are rubber bottles with hot water which you can put between your sheets and blankets – this way can stay warm all night long and you don’t worry about the electricity bill. If you buy a cute Christmas hot water bottle sock, it becomes the perfect gift for people who can’t handle cold weather! In Bulgarian language it is called termophor and you can buy one in big supermarkets, shops that sell pretty much everything (in Bulgarian: ”Vsichko za edin lev”) or even pharmacies. Alternatively, you can also simply fill up a normal plastic water bottle with hot water. 

7. Cover up the door!

Did you know that the gap between the front door and the floor has impact on your room temperature? If you want to make sure that no cold air gets in and you keep your flat warm, take advantage of a (doggie-shaped) draught excluder. It is a long thick piece of fabric on the bottom of the door that prevents freezing air getting into your flat. In Bulgarian it is called ”uplatnenie za vrata” and you can buy one in shops that sell things for your home, e.g. MrBricolage, Praktiker, etc. Alternatively, you can simply put an old cloth or towel on the bottom of the door – you will definitely feel the difference in the room temperature!

8. Shut up unused rooms!

Do you live in a big apartment or you simply don’t use all rooms in your flat? Closing such rooms will help you heat up the air in your flat as well as keep the warmth inside the rooms that you actually use. Don’t forget to cover up the gap between the doors of such rooms and the floor.

9. Take advantage of any warm air in your flat!

When you are desperate for warm weather, everything makes a difference. Do you like taking long showers? Keep the door open while you shower – this way you will let the warm humid air spread in your flat. 

10. Don’t forget about your curtains!

Keep the curtains open during the day – let the sunlight flow in! At night make sure that there is a thick layer of curtains over the windows – this way you will keep the warmth inside your flat. Do not let the curtains hide the radiators and therefore block the radiator heat!

Bonus: Enjoy winter in Bulgaria! Try to look on the bright side and remember that Bulgaria offers plenty of activities in winter that you may not be able to do in your home country – go ice skating or visit the most famous winter resorts in Bulgaria!

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