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Winter travel ideas in Bulgaria

Travel in Bulgaria in winter

Do you like winter? We, from Inter HECS, love it! And we can’t wait for the holidays to go skiing! If you are into the fresh breeze of winter, the white coat of the mountains and the Christmas fairy tale, here are our recommendations in case you are interested in experiencing Bulgaria during the coldest months of the year:

  • Borovets: 73 km away from Sofia and located in Rila mountain, the winter resort gathers everyone who loves skiing and snowboarding. 
  • Pamporovo: … is a place that most people from Bulgaria absolutely adore. Located 85 km away from Plovdiv and in the Rhodopi mountains, the ski resort offers many ski runs. Also, the city of Smolyan is quite close so you don’t have to book an expensive hotel in the heart of Pamporovo.
  • Bansko: is the winter hub, so to say. Especially on the 8th  December. This is the “Students’ day” in Bulgaria so you can meet a lot of young people. The city is bigger in comparison to the other resorts so there are many restaurants and pubs. However, staying there is rather expensive because of the high tourism rate.
  • Dobrinishte: is where Bulgarians prefer to go as it is not that famous among tourists (and therefore, cheaper) and will also give you the opportunity to enjoy the winter season.
  • Vitosha mountain: is so close to Sofia! You need like 60 minutes to get there (by public transportation) and you can put on the ski boots! However, it is usually packed over the weekend because all people from Sofia look forward to seeing our capital from above while skiing.

Of course, there are also other places to go skiing – Uzana, Chepelare, etc. They are smaller and less known among foreigners, so if you look for a non-touristy place, they might be just for you!

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