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The best places to visit in Bulgaria

The best places to visit in Bulgaria - part 2

If travelling is your passion and you live or study in Bulgaria, pack your bags and visit the best places in Bulgaria! The first part of our list of „the best places to visit in Bulgaria“ introduced you to some of the most amazing parts of the country! Hence, we would like to continue with our ideas for travelling that you are more than welcome to steal!

8. Trigrad Gorge

Trigrad Gorge is a canyon in the Rhodope Mountains. It is one of the must-visits in Bulgaria and is surrounded by many other sightseeing places, so make sure you check it out!
What to do? Rent a car and drive along the Trigrad Gorge. The road is narrow, you are surrounded by rocks and the experience is amazing. On the way, you can visit the Devil’s Throat cave. In the area, we totally recommend visiting the Yagodina cave and the sightseeing platform Eagle’s Eye (Orlovo oko). Also, visit Devin (a town famous for the SPA treatments) as well as Shiroka laka (a lovely village with traditional Bulgarian architecture!).
When to visit? We recommend the summer months as the temperature in the caves as well as at the sightseeing platform (which is quite high) are low anyway.  
How to go? Travel direction Devin (by bus or by car). From there, you can either book a tour guide or travel by car to the sightseeing places. If you reach Yagodina cave first, you will find a lot of local guys who offer to take you to the sightseeing platform Eagle’s Eye (you can leave your car and enjoy the jeep drive!).
Where to stay? You can book an accommodation place in Devin – it is close to all sightseeing places and it is famous for the SPA treatments and mineral springs.

9. Prohodna Cave

Prohodna is one of the most spectacular caves in Bulgaria – it is only 200m long, but it is famous for two holes that look like eyes (they are also named „God’s Eyes“/ Ochite na Gospod).
When to go? 
We recommend spring or summer – you will truly enjoy the light that comes through the holes and you have the chance to go bungee jumping close the cave.
How to go? 
The best option is to rent a car and explore the area. You will not need a guide as the cave is not very long and you do not need much equipment. Wearing comfortable shoes is a must, though!
What to do? Explore the cave (it will take you around half an hour). Also, if you are not afraid, it is possible to go bungee jumping close to the cave. Inside the cave, you can make the experience truly adventurous and try climbing (you need special equipment)! You can also visit the National Cave house nearby – it is a hut/hotel located nearby with a balcony with an amazing view!
Where to stay? As the place won’t take much of your time, you can go back home or stay in Lukovit, a town close to the cave.
How much it costs? There is no entrance fee.

10. Cape Kaliakra/ Fortress of Kaliakra

Cape Kaliakra is one of the most beautiful capes you will ever see! It is a famous place for pre-wedding photoshoots.
When to go? Summer! Firstly, it will allow you enjoy beautiful sunrises AND sunsets (it is usually impossible to see sunsets from the Bulgarian seaside, but the location of Kaliakra actually allows this)! Also, you can stay at a seaside resort close to Kaliakra and sunbath at the lovely Bulgarian beaches.
How to go? 
Rent a car. This will allow you to travel around and see other sightseeing places nearby. 
What to do? 
The cape is a great place to watch the sunrise/ sunset and to explore Bulgarian history because of the Kaliakra fortress. Close to Kaliakra, you can visit the Shabla lighthouse and the Balchik Palace. 
Where to stay? Any seaside resort is just fine (Balchik, Albena, Kavarna, etc.).

11. Krushunski Waterfalls

Meet the Bulgaria version of the famous Plitvice lakes.
When to go? In spring – there is much water and less people. Better avoid the weekends – there are many tourists.
How to go? 
Rent a car and travel direction Lovech. 
Where to stay? Lovech is quite close and it is a lovely city. 
What to do? 
Spend your afternoon exploring each waterfall and make thousand pictures! If you stay in Lovech, we recommend visiting the Lovech fortress as well as the covered bridge. A famous sightseeing place that is nearby is Devetshka cave – it is a must-visit!

12. The submerged St. Ivan Rilski church

In 1965, people from three Bulgarian villages (Zhrebchevo, Zapalnya and Dolni Panicharevo) decided to sacrifice everything they had in order to build the Zhrebchevo dam. Nowadays, the only thing left from the three villages is the submerged St. Ivan Rilski church. 
When to go? In spring. Because of the warm weather, the snow melts and covers the valley in water. 
How to go? Rent a car as you will be able to travel around the dam and enjoy beautiful views. The St. Ivan Rilski church is on the East side of the dam.
What to do? Travel around the area – the mountains are very close and the big city of Stara Zagora is 50 km away.
Where to stay? Stay in Stara Zagora, it is close to the dam. If the weather is nice, visit the Ayazmoto Park in the city!
How much does it cost? Accommodation costs depend on the hotel you choose. Taking pictures of the submerged church is, of course, free of charge.

13. Ovech fortress

The Ovech fortress is a place where magical views, nature and history live in full harmony. 
When to go? In spring, summer or autumn! The lovely weather will allow you to take great pictures.
How to go? The Ovech Fortress is next to the town of Provadiya. So either take a bus to Provadiya or rent a car so that you are able to visit the other sightseeing places in the area.
What to do? Well, obviously, go to the Ovech fortress and enjoy the magnificent views. Also, the desert-like rock phenomenon „Pobiti kamani“, Aladzha Monastery and Shashkanite (Rock monasteries!) are nearby – don’t miss them out! 
Where to stay? Provadiya is the closest town but you can also stay in the „sea capital“ of Bulgaria – Varna (50 km away from Ovech fortress).

14. Perperikon

If you are into archeology, the ancient city of Perperikon will amaze you.
When to go? In spring or autumn. It is usually too hot in summer.
How to go? Rent a car and travel direction Kardzhali. Make sure you have good Internet connection so that you don’t get lost.
What to do? Explore the ancient city and travel around the area. The beautiful Utroba cave and the Kardzhali dam are quite close – you will find more info about them in our next article!
Where to stay? Stay in Haskovo. In the third part of the article, we will write about this city! It is quite nice and it is famous for the Monument of the Holy Mother of God (listed in the Guinness Book of Records).
How much does it cost? There is a small admission fee. At the entrance, there are many tour guides that offer their services. Accommodation costs depend on the hotel you choose. 

Visiting these places is a must especially if you are a student in Bulgaria and you wish to explore the Bulgarian culture, nature and history!


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