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Study Dentistry in Europe

Study Dentistry in Europe

If you are reading this article, you probably wish to study Dentistry in Europe. Don’t be afraid to make this decision – in the following, we will tell you more about some of the best dental schools in Europe, their entry requirements as well as where the lowest tuition fees in Europe are. And in case you are still wondering – we have added a section of why you should study Dental Medicine in Europe.¬†

Why should you study Dentistry in Europe?

There are many reasons why people study Dental Medicine abroad. Some include the higher acceptance rate in some dental schools in Europe, other prefer to study in Europe because of the low tuition fees of some medical universities. The main advantage is that if you study Dentistry in Europe, your diploma will be recognized worldwide. The European Union and European Economic Area provide a great opportunity to everyone who wants to work abroad after their studies. Here is a list of other advantages of studying Dentistry in Europe: 

Travel opportunities equal better English skills

Of course, if you want to study Dentistry in Europe, you will probably find yourself¬†travelling almost every month. When you’re a dental student in a European country, you have the chance to travel around, explore cultures and enjoy sightseeing places all around Europe. Student councils as well as NGOs often organize trips for international students so that they can adapt better to the host country and feel at home. This is linked with the opportunity to make friends with people from other countries! This is one of the main reasons people choose to study Dental Medicine in Europe.¬†

Let’s not forget that studying Dentistry abroad will allow you to¬†improve your English skills. When all your lectures are in English and all of your colleagues speak only their mother language and English, you have no choice but to speak in English. Hence, if you wish to master your English skills, choose to study Dental Medicine in Europe and you soon won’t be shy when talking to other foreigners.¬†

Higher rate of admission at dental schools in Europe

Your host country might not offer enough places for people who wish to study Dental Medicine. This is why many applicants choose to study Dentistry in Europe and pick a prestigious medical university that offers more places for admission. Additionally, if you struggle to collect all required application documents, some universities offer admission in spring and autumn. This way, people who wish to study Dental Medicine do not have to give up on their dream and can apply as soon as they feel ready for the upcoming academic year. Last but not least, some dental schools in Europe have lower entry requirements. If your grades are not high enough for admission at a dental university in your home country, some universities in Europe will be more than glad to welcome you on board! Hence, if you wish to study Dentistry, just take a look at the medical universities below Рtheir admission rate is high and the tuition fees are quite affordable!

Low living expenses and tuition fees in Europe

Studying abroad in Europe does not always mean spending a fortune for your higher education! On the contrary, some of the best dental schools in Europe have low tuition fees which allow you to study Dental Medicine without having to apply for a student loan. Additionally, some medical universities offer scholarships which can help you overcome any financial difficulties you may experience throughout your studies in Europe. Last, but not least, not all European countries are super expensive. Make sure you check dentistry schools in Eastern Europe where the low living costs are a fact! This way, you might be able to spare money and spend it on travelling around. 

Cons of studying abroad in Europe

Yes, there are many advantages if you want to study Dentistry in Europe. However, there are always pros and cons – make sure you are well-informed before you choose to study abroad in Europe.

You are on your own

Remember when your mom used to do the laundry? You really love your dad’s cooking skills? Well, now you are on your own. You have to buy everything that you need, find the right place to buy a student transportation card or sign contracts in another language. If you want to study Dentistry in Europe, you have to face these challenges. There are many mobile applications which will at least help you keep track of your monthly budget. Share tips and tricks with second and third-year students and see what they do in order to overcome such difficulties and¬†don’t be shy¬†to ask your parents for advice!¬†

Also, it won’t be surprising if you feel homesick. Moving to another country will undoubtedly make you¬†feel lonely¬†from time to time and your friends and parents won’t be there to support you. But let’s not make it sound too scary. You are not the only student at the dentistry school! There are many people who study Dentistry in Europe and will be there to make friends with you, get together when you want to talk or simply go out for a walk. You are definitely not entirely on your own.¬†

Another language, another culture

No one expects you to speak the local language if you decide to study Dentistry abroad in Europe. Local people might not be able to speak English so cultural shock and disappointments are often experienced especially throughout the first few months after your arrival. This is why we recommend learning a couple of phrases which will help you communicate (at least a bit) with locals. Remember Рif you study Dental Medicine abroad, you will also meet patients from abroad. And this is when speaking the local language might be essential. 

We should also mention that there will be huge cultural differences when you move to study abroad in Europe. Some habits that locals have might seem odd to you but try to¬†look from another perspective. Try to understand what locals think and how they overcome difficulties. People’s mentality is often linked with the history of their nation!

Studying abroad in Europe can be quite stressful

Well, being a student in general is quite stressful. Going to lectures at 8 AM, having multiple deadlines, submitting papers every other week Рyes, studying is hard and studying abroad is even harder. This is why we also recommend talking with second and third-year students at your dentistry school so that you know which subjects must be prioritized. Also, make sure you have time for your family and friends Рuniversity is not the main thing in life so try to have long conversations with your relatives at least twice a week. Furthermore, find a hobby that you love Рit will help you relax especially after you have spent the whole day at the University. People who wish to study Dental Medicine in Europe must be well-aware that their to-do list will be anything but empty so learn some time management skills in advance!  

Study Dentistry¬†in Europe –¬†Entry requirements

Of course, the best dentistry schools in Europe have certain entry requirements you must meet before¬†you apply. If you want to study Dental Medicine in Europe, you usually have to have¬†grades in Biology and Chemistry¬†in your¬†high-school diploma.¬†Depending on the university, the admission tests as well as their level of difficulty may vary. Don’t worry – there are many universities in Europe who accept applicants even if they are not a straight A student.¬†

What are the best dental schools in Europe?

If you wish to study Dentistry in Europe, you must¬†do some research on¬†the best dental European universities. We provide you with a list of medical universities which offer Dentistry in English. The tuition fees of these universities are low and their acceptance rate is quite high. Take a look at each University and explore its entry requirements. Studying abroad is a challenge – don’t underestimate it!

Study Dentistry in Europe at Sofia Medical University

Sofia Medical University¬†is a place where people who wish to study Dentistry in Europe apply in order to get a¬†Master’s degree in five years and a half. Sofia Medical University is one of the best medical universities in Europe which offers Dental Medicine in English and allows people from every corner of the world to study Dentistry in a European capital. The tuition fees of Sofia Medical University are quite affordable – dental students pay¬†4000 Euro per semester. The academic year starts in October and people are welcome to apply at one of the oldest and most prestigious medical universities in Europe. If you wish to study Dentistry at Sofia Medical University, you must have¬†Biology and Chemistry grades¬†in your high-school diploma as well as sit an admission test in English, Biology and Chemistry.¬†The best part about studying Dentistry at Sofia Medical University is that a significant part of your studies is spent in hospitals and dental clinics in and around the university campus. Last but not least, around¬†150 dental students get a place at Sofia Medical University each year. Hence, if you wish to study Dentistry in Europe without having to worry about your admission, Sofia Medical University is where you should start from.¬†

Study Dentistry in Europe at Plovdiv Medical University

Plovdiv Medical University¬†is one of the most prestigious medical universities in Europe that has a¬†brand new campus¬†of its¬†Dental Faculty! The academic year starts in October. Dental students at Plovdiv Medical University must pay¬†4000 Euro per semester¬†and take part in¬†internships in hospitals in and around the university campus. People who study Dental Medicine at Plovdiv Medical University graduate with a Master’s degree and receive a diploma which is valid in Europe. Hence, if your dream is to work abroad, the¬†internationally recognized diploma¬†of Plovdiv Medical University is a great chance¬†you shouldn’t be scared to take! The¬†high number of international students who get admitted in Plovdiv Medical University each year makes the atmosphere at the university multicultural and will allow you to meet people from Europe, Asia, Africa, Austria and even America! People who want to study at Plovdiv Medical University must sit an entry¬†test in Biology and Chemistry.¬†

Study Dentistry in Europe at Varna Medical University

Varna Medical University¬†is one of the best medical universities in Europe which offers Dental Medicine in English for Bulgarian and foreign citizens. This way, dental students can make friends with people from all over the world and enjoy their dental studies to the fullest. Dentistry in English at Varna Medical University lasts¬†five years and a half¬†and¬†includes practice at a hospital¬†nearby. Keep in mind that Varna Medical University is located¬†close to the Black Sea¬†– so if you are into beaches and sun bathing, maybe Varna Medical University is the best choice for you. If you want to study Dental Medicine at Varna Medical University, you have to pay 4000 Euro per semester. This does not include accommodation costs. The low tuition fees and affordable living expenses in the country will make your stay quite pleasant!¬†At the end, you will obtain a¬†Master’s degree¬†and a diploma which is recognized in the whole European Union. This will allow you to work abroad after you graduate Dentistry in Europe and take advantage of the experience you have gathered throughout your studies.¬†

Student loans for dental schools in Europe

Your dream is to study Dental Medicine in Europe but you can’t afford it? Many people who study Dentistry apply for a student loan to solve this problem. Usually, each candidate must submit their documents to a bank. Some of them include your credit history, a document that you are a regular student at the dentistry school you are enrolled at as well as a residence permit. Don’t forget that some banks require a rental contract as well as you must meet certain age requirements. These¬†vary across countries. The most common requirement is that you have passed all of your exams in the first semester. Usually, it does not depend on university officials whether you obtain a student loan – each bank representative looks at each case in detail and decides whether the student can receive a student loan in Europe.¬†

If you want to study Dentistry in Europe or you want to find more information about the best dentistry schools in Europe, contact us via¬†[email protected]. We will provide you with up-to-date information regarding their entry requirements and tuition fees!

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