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Plovdiv Medical University Ranking

Plovdiv Medical University in Bulgaria

Plovdiv Medical University counts as one of the most prestigious medical Universities in Europe

Each year there are over 100.000 applications to medical Universities in Europe and candidates hope they have made a good decision when choosing the right University. This article is dedicated to Plovdiv Medical University and how it ranks among other medical Universities in Bulgaria and in Europe.

Plovdiv Medical University has been one of the most prestigious Bulgarian medical Universities over the past decades. In comparison to other medical Universities in Bulgaria, it offers the three main medical specialties in English – Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy. Hence, Plovdiv Medical University offers a wide range of specialties and conducts research in several fields. The variety of specialties is also the reason for the significant number of international students at the University – each year over 500 students from the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Finland, Norway, Greece, Pakistan, Iraq, Sri Lanka, India and many more countries choose to start their degree at Plovdiv Medical University. This makes the University and Plovdiv the second city (the first one being Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria) with the largest number of foreign citizens in Bulgaria. 

Indeed, the increased number of international students has made the University introduce an entry exam in Biology and Chemistry. 

When it comes to university facilities, Plovdiv Medical University has just built a new student dormitory, several research centres and a modern auditorium complex where students have lectures with professors who are well-known worldwide for their research and skills. This makes the University campus of Plovdiv Medical University one of the most modern medical universities with great history in science and research in Europe. 

Last but not least, the degree one obtains within six years in Plovdiv Medical University is a Master’s degree. This gives the University and its students a significant advantage in comparison to other European medical Universities where students graduate with a Bachelor’s degree or which require further education to allow graduates to work after their studies. The Master’s degree obtained at Plovdiv Medical University is recognized across the world so students can work abroad!

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