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What is it like to live in the capital city of Bulgaria - Sofia?

Living costs in Sofia, Bulgaria

Surprisingly, living in Sofia, Bulgaria is affordable in comparison to other European cities and especially capitals.

For instance, the¬†monthly rent¬†of a one-bedroom apartment in the city centre would cost around 400 EUR depending on the size of the flat, the furniture and of course, the building (how old or modern it is). If you live in a neighborhood close to the city centre or you share the flat with someone, the price will go down, of course. In general, Bulgarian flats tend to be bigger in comparison to apartments abroad. Some new buildings tend to offer smaller apartments that „have it all“ (so-called studio apartments) – living room, kitchen and bedroom all together. If you are looking for an apartment in Sofia, we advise you to watch the following video about¬†apartment hunt in Sofia.¬†

In addition,¬†grocery shopping¬†is not very expensive either. There are actually plenty of shops such as Lidl, Kaufland, etc. where food is quite cheap and you don’t have to spend a lot in order to make a dinner for you and your friends. There are often open-door markets for fruits and vegetables where you can buy good quality local food that doesn’t cost much.

Public transport in Sofia is definitely cheaper in comparison to other European capitals! For instance, a monthly card that covers all lines is 50 BGN (25 EUR) Рstudents even get a discount! Here you can find the most frequently asked questions about public transportation in Sofia.

Eating outside¬†is also something that people do quite often. Why? Bulgarian food is nice and the prices are not very high. It is common that you don’t spend more than 15 BGN (8 EUR) for a meal and drinks. The prices at small restaurants and pubs are even cheaper! Here is a list of¬†international restaurants¬†in Sofia that we recommend.

Beauty and cosmetics services (e.g. haircut/ manicure) are also very cheap. The prices may vary between 10 BGN and 60 BGN depending on the place and specific services. However, you can get a good haircut for around 15 leva (there are plenty of places to choose from!).

You plan on moving to Bulgaria soon? Do not hesitate to contact us at¬†[email protected]¬†and ask all questions you have!

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