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Transfer from Plovdiv to Sofia Medical University

Transfer student from Plovdiv to Sofia Medical University

We already had the pleasure to interview Zehra who transferred last year from Pleven Medical University to Sofia Medical University. Today we would like to introduce you Yeshaa Mirani, a girl from the United Kingdom who transferred from Plovdiv Medical University to Medicine at Sofia Medical University in Bulgaria. In the following interview you will find more about her experience!

How did you decide to transfer to Sofia Medical University?

Sofia Medical University is the one of the oldest and renowned medical institutes not only in Bulgaria but also in Europe. Also, travel from Sofia to London is simpler as compared to Plovdiv.

What is the hardest part of studying abroad?

The hardest part of studying abroad is to leave your family and friends behind. Back home you have emotional support from your family and friends and you know that they will be around in short duration should you need them. The hardest part of adjusting in Bulgaria is the language barrier as not everyone speaks English.

What are the challenges of being a transfer student? How did you overcome them?

The main challenge was that I didn’t know anyone in Sofia, also the teaching and examination system is quite different to Plovdiv. Making friends here was easy as everyone in Sofia is really welcoming and helpful. Talking to senior students helped me to understand the examination pattern and how the teaching is.

How is life in Sofia so far?

Life in Sofia is wonderful so far. My decision to transfer from Plovdiv to Sofia was right. I love it here! I have met so many nice and wonderful people in Sofia. I am an active member of a student society which provides medical aid to underdeveloped countries or areas in Bulgaria which has been a wonderful experience.

Any advice for student who are considering transferring?

I know that it can be scary, but don’t be afraid everyone here is really nice and helpful. There are so many other societies and events here that students can go to meet new people and have fun! Before transferring I would suggest talking to other students and getting to know the place to make sure your comfortable.

If you consider transfering from abroad or another medical university in Bulgaria to Sofia Medical University, do not hesitate to contact us! We provide free consultation and we would love to help your dream come true!

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