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Frequently asked questions about Plovdiv Medical University in Bulgaria

FAQ - Plovdiv Medical University

Plovdiv Medical University has become one of the most popular destinations for people who wish to study abroad in Europe! Why? The university campus is modern, the international atmosphere at the university is great and the education and diploma are internationally recognized! In addition, Plovdiv Medical University is located in Plovdiv Рthe European Capital of Culture 2019 and one of the most beautiful cities in Bulgaria. 

If you are interested in studying Medicine, Dentistry or Pharmacy in English at Plovdiv Medical University, don’t forget to read the text below – it contains the answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding studies at Plovdiv Medical University and life in Plovdiv, Bulgaria!

1. Plovdiv Medical University – where is it and how can I visit it?

As mentioned above, Plovdiv Medical University is located in Plovdiv – the second biggest city in Bulgaria which was pronounced the¬†European Capital of Culture 2019. The city has several hills and has plenty of bike lanes which make the city very green, student-friendly and also beautiful! Also, Plovdiv is¬†one of the¬†most ancient cities in Europe¬†(in the whole world, actually!) so there are many ruins, museums and places which impress every archaeologist (and locals, to be honest!)! Last but not least, the longest pedestrian street in Europe is in … Plovdiv!

Plovdiv Medical University is located around 30 minutes walking distance from the pedestrian street and the city centre itself. Hence, many students do not even use public transport Рthe distances are not very huge so most people simply enjoy walking!

If there are no direct flights between your home city and Plovdiv, we recommend you read the following article about how to reach Plovdiv. 

2. What study programs are available at Plovdiv Medical University?

There are many study programmes at Plovdiv Medical University that are available for both Bulgarian and international students. Study programmes in English at Plovdiv Medical University include Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy in English. 

Pharmacy in English at Plovdiv Medical University takes 5 years, Dentistry – 5.5 years and Medicine takes 6 years. All students graduate with a¬†Master’s degree that is internationally recognized. In addition, the courses include an internship so that students make the most out of their studies in Bulgaria.

3. How many international students are there at Plovdiv Medical University?

A lot! Every year Plovdiv Medical University accepts over 400 international students per year. Most of them are from the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Ireland as well as from many non-European countries.

Undoubtedly, this means that the international atmosphere at Plovdiv Medical University is one of a kind and it allows students to make friends with people from all around the world!

4. What type of diploma do students at Plovdiv Medical University get?

They get a diploma that is internationally recognized! 

Plovdiv Medical University, being one of the best universities in Europe in the field of Medicine, is a prestigious and accredited institution, so the diploma which students obtain at the end of their higher education, is recognized abroad. Of course, this is one of the benefits of studying at Plovdiv Medical University Рsuch a diploma allows graduates to look for a specialization or jobs abroad!

5. Is it hard to study at Plovdiv Medical University and to pass the exams? 

We are not going to lie –¬†being a student is not easy! It is also very hard to obtain a degree in the medical field.

However, Plovdiv Medical University offers excellent education and preparation. Hence, every student who takes advantage of the online resources and books the university provides and has passion for this field will definitely be successful and graduate within six years!

6. How does the entrance exam for Plovdiv Medical University look like?

To start with Рyes, there is an entrance test for admission in Plovdiv Medical University and all applicants must take part in it. 

The entry exam is in Biology and Chemistry. Most questions are multiple-choice. There is no oral part of the exam.

We are proud to say¬†we provide students with excellent preparation for the entry exam¬†at Plovdiv Medical University – the online resources and books as well as sample tests help all applicants prepare very well for admission (don’t forget to¬†contact us, if you are interested!).

7. How are lectures and teachers at Plovdiv Medical University? 

Plovdiv Medical University offers a modern campus where teachers are very friendly and keep in touch with students on a daily basis Рsome of them even share their social media accounts with the students!

Of course, all lectures are held in English (except for the Bulgarian language course Рstudents study Bulgarian language as a subject so that they are able to communicate with patients later on). Of course, attending lectures is recommended!

If you happen to be sick or you miss a lecture, we recommend you get in touch with a doctor in order to get a medical note and you discuss with your teacher the possibility of joining a seminar/lecture with other students so that you keep up with all study materials.

8. How expensive is it to study and live in Plovdiv, Bulgaria?

Plovdiv is not the capital of Bulgaria so living there is definitely cheaper in comparison to living and studying in Sofia, Bulgaria. In addition, living costs in Plovdiv are definitely lower in comparison to other European cities! Eating outside is not pricey and very common among international students.

Tuition fees at Plovdiv Medical University vary between 6000 and 8000 EUR per academic year (Medicine and Dentistry are 8000 EUR per year, whereas Pharmacy in English costs 6000 EUR per year). Unfortunately, the tuition fees of Plovdiv Medical University do not cover accommodation costs Рstudents can choose to stay in a dormitory (for about 50 EUR per month) or to rent a private/shared flat (where the rent usually costs between 300 and 400 EUR per month depending on the location, size and furniture of the apartment).

9. Are there scholarships and student loans for students at Plovdiv Medical University?

Good news:¬†Plovdiv Medical University offers scholarships for international students¬†who have excellent grades. However, keep in mind that the scholarship is not very big (and of course, hard to obtain) so it won’t cover much of your living costs. Also, unfortunately, there is¬†no full scholarship that will cover your tuition fees.

Of course, applying for a student loan is also possible. Please keep in mind that you are allowed to apply for a student loan only after you are already accepted as a student and it depends entirely on bank representatives whether you will obtain one. Here you can see all important information about student loans in Bulgaria. 

10. How is the application procedure for admission in Plovdiv Medical University?

All people who wish to apply to study Medicine, Dentistry or Pharmacy in English at Plovdiv Medical University must pass several necessary steps in order to guarantee their admission. These include steps like collecting and preparing the application documents as well as preparing and passing the entrance test.

Of course, the team of Inter HECS РStudy in Bulgaria offers application and relocation assistance! We not only help applicants prepare their documents but also submit all papers personally to Plovdiv Medical University! Also, we help students prepare for the entrance test and settle down in Plovdiv. Last but not least, the great support we provide students with is guaranteed by the fact that our office is located in Bulgaria Рwe are here on place to keep in touch with students throughout their studies in Bulgaria!

Interested in applying? Contact us now!

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