Study Engineering in Bulgaria

Why should you study Engineering in Bulgaria?

To study Engineering in Bulgaria is one amazing opportunity which opens doors to one of the most prestigious and respected jobs in the world.

Moreover, the practice–orientated education offered in Bulgarian universities will introduce you to the depths of the engineering industry. Additionally, due to the fact that most professors are currently in the field or have many years of experience, you will be in touch with the best engineers in Bulgaria and will be taught by highly skilled professionals. After you study Engineering in Bulgaria you will receive a globally recognized diploma which will let you practice in every corner of the world. Additionally, the affordable tuition fees make the Bulgarian education even more tempting for international students.

However, if you choose to stay in Bulgaria, you will have the opportunity to work in a rapidly growing country where there is an excessive need for young engineers and the companies are willing to pay high wages for specialists in the field.

All stated above, combined with the inexpensive living costs and the high quality of life will let you extract the maximum of your years in the university while gaining prestigious higher education and achieving your dream to become an engineer.

Eager to study Engineering in Bulgaria? The team of Inter HECS is also eager to help you enroll at the best universities in Europe, enjoy your stay in Bulgaria and get a degree in the field of your choice. Universities that offer degrees in this field include the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy and Technical University - Sofia

Engineering students in Bulgaria