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Study at Technical University - Sofia

The Technical University of Sofia is the biggest institution in Bulgaria which provides high-quality Bachelor, Master’s as well as PhD programmes in the field of technical and applied science. The university sets high standards in terms of research, education and practical knowledge and attracts many people who wish to study Engineering. Once a graduate of the Technical University Sofia, one earns a diploma that is recognized in the European Union.

Why should you study in Technical University Sofia?

The Technical University of Sofia is one of the most prestigious Universities in Bulgaria and in Europe. Located in the capital of Bulgaria, Technical University of Sofia offers higher education to Bulgarian and foreign students. The Technical University of Sofia has the reputation to deliver expert engineering education that promises a long-lasting career for all students. 

The Technical University of Sofia also communicates and works along with other similar-profile Universities so that students at Technical University Sofia can participate in many exchange programmes. In addition, the European credit transfer system will allow students to study in other European Universities after they graduate. The diploma you will receive from Technical University Sofia is recognized internationally. 

The Technical University of Sofia is located in Studenski Grad ("Students town" in Bulgarian). The name of the area is due to the high amount of students and universities surrounding it e.g National Sports Academy, Technical University of Sofia, the University of Forestry, etc.). In addition, the university is located in a very clear and green area surrounded with parks and an amazing view towards Vitosha mountain.

The Technical University of Sofia has a rough history of 67 years and it has more than 100 thousand engineering graduates that have successfully completed their studies. It resonates an international vibe as many students from countries like Germany, United Kingdom and France can come and study in their native language.

The Technical University of Sofia comes equipped with modern laboratories for studying and practice in order to offer 100% safety, comfort and knowledge. Students that choose to study here can continue their studies after they acquire their Master’s degree in order to upgrade and acquire a PhD in Engineering. The Technical University of Sofia has its doors open for all students who are ready for a bumpy but rewarding ride on the road to become an Engineer.

What degree do students at Technical University Sofia obtain after they study in Bulgaria?

Depending on the specialty you wish to study at Technical University Sofia, you will either obtain a Bachelor's, Master's or a PhD degree. Usually, a Bachelor's degree at Technical University Sofia lasts for four years. Students are allowed to participate in the Erasmus + programme, spend a semester abroad or even apply for an internship in another country. Most expenses are covered by Technical University Sofia. As for Master's degree programmes, they last for about one year. Regardless of the specialty you choose, you will obtain a degree that is valid all over the world. As Technical University Sofia is an accredited university, you will take advantage of a degree that allows you to work in other countries in Europe after you graduate. 

If you decide to study Engineering at Technical University Sofia you must know that it will be a difficult task. Those who have the courage to reach the end of the line will be rewarded with a Master's Degree in Engineering and a chance to upgrade their Master's Degree into a Doctoral Degree. Students have to invest four years to obtain the Bachelor's Degree and 1,5 year to obtain the Master's Degree that sums up to a total of 5.5 years at Technical University Sofia.

Technical University of Sofia - Tuition fees, entry requirements

The tuition fees of Technical University Sofia vary according to the specialty you choose and the degree you obtain. Usually, the tuition fees for international students who wish to study at Technical University Sofia are about 3000 Euro per ecademic year. Hence, in comparison to other technical universities in Europe, Technical University Sofia has cheap tuition fees that still allow foreign students to take advantage of the high quality higher education.

You want to study at Technical University of Sofia but you don't know how to apply? The admission in Technical University Sofia requires international students to submit several application documents, such as a copy of the high-school diploma and a medical certificate. They must be personally submitted to Technical University Sofia. Inter HECS - Study in Bulgaria offers full application services so that you don't have to travel to Bulgaria in order to submit your documents.

Whether you have or don't have to sit an entry test for Technical University Sofia depends on your educational background as well as the specialty you are interested in. Some specialties in the field of Engineering at Technical University Sofia indeed have an admission test, e.g. in Math. 

In addition, you must prove that your English skills are excellent. People who apply for a Bachelor's degree programme at Technical Univerity Sofia must present a certificate that shows what level their English language skills are. If you want to apply for a Master's degree at Technical University - Sofia, you might not have to present this certificate - especially if your Bachelor's degree was in English.

What can you study at Technical University Sofia?

If you wish to study at Technical University - Sofia, you can choose between many Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes. 

Bachelor in Advanced Industrial Technologies at Technical University Sofia. Some of the subjects that are included in the curriculum are design, constructing and industrializing of machines as well as information and resource management. Once you graduate in Advanced Industrial Technologies you can work as a constructor, designer, technologist or an information manager. The education takes four years and you finish with a worldwide acknowledged Bachelor's Degree. 

Bachelor in Mechatronics at Technical University Sofia: In Mechatronics you will learn all about there is to learn in the field of mechanical systems, devices , mechanisms, appliances, machines, microelectronics, power electronics, software packages and 3D design. In addition, there are some elective courses such as Robotic devices. In the end you will end up with a Bachelor’s Degree in the field of Mechatronics and if you desire you can continue your studies to acquire the Master’s Degree. Alumni can work in the field of Mechatronics in business, science and EU administrations.

Bachelor in Aeronautical Engineering at Technical University Sofia is suitable for students who want to gain knowledge in the field of Aeronautical Engineering. Some of the fields you will become an expert include aircraft maintenance, continuous airworthiness and ground and flight operation. During each semester you will obtain about 30 credits. The first semester is dedicated for gathering basic knowledge in mathematics, physics and construction. 

Bachelor in Telecommunication Engineering at Technical University Sofia: Telecommunications is without a doubt one of the most modern and dynamic areas of study. It has a very low percentage of unemployment and companies all over the world are always looking for new specialists in order to fill up their ranks. Students applying for the Bachelor’s program will complete their education within 4 years and will acquire fundamental knowledge in the field of telecommunications and information technologies.

Other Bachelor's degree programmes at Technical University Sofia include Electronic Engineering, Information Technologies in Transport, Computer Systems and Technologies in German, Mechanical Engineering in German and Industrial Engineering.

If you want to apply for a Master's degree programme at Technical University Sofia, you will have to choose between Computer Science and Engineering, Innovative Communication Technologies and Aeronautical Engineering. 

Technical University Sofia - student dormitories and private apartments

Technical University Sofia has student dormitories that are the best place to stay at if you study at Technical University Sofia. The student dormitory of Technical University Sofia is located right next to the university. The buildings have many available one and two-bedroom apartments for students. Usually, students pay around 60 Euro per month. The rent includes all bills as well. 

However, if you wish to find a private apartment in the city centre or somewhere else, we advise you to find a trustworthy real-estate agent that will help you find an accommodation place in Sofia. In this case, the rent would cost about 200 Euro per month but you will choose the location, the size as well as the furniture of the apartment. If you want to get in touch with a real-estate agent in Bulgaria, contact us via [email protected]

How does the average day of a student from Technical University Sofia look like?

If you are interested in studying at Technical University Sofia, we recommend watching the live session that Inter HECS - Study in Bulgaria organized with current students from Technical University Sofia. All students shared information about their specialties and admission in Technical University Sofia as well as their leisure time in Bulgaria.