Accommodation in Plovdiv: Interview with an estate agent

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Accommodation in Plovdiv: Interview with an estate agent

Estate agent in Plovdiv

Meet Samuil Spasov – the person who makes sure that international students at Plovdiv Medical University find the best apartment to live in! Despite all of the satisfied clients, being an estate agent isn’t easy – and this is why he told us more about the challenges in this field and shared tips and tricks for finding a good apartment in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

What is the current situation with the apartment hunt in Plovdiv?

In the recent two years, the interest in rentals in Plovdiv has dramatically increased for a variety of factors – this includes the new industrial zone in the northern part of the city which attracts a lot of professionals from abroad and from the countryside and of course the students attending different universities in town – the one playing a key factor being Medical University of Plovdiv. The interest of students living as close as possible to the University has made the region a very intense market for rental.

What are the “tips and tricks” to find a good apartment in Plovdiv?

Always look for three key factors – location, price and landlord. Especially the last factor is really important for students. It is very important to find a trusted real estate agent who will help you not only with choosing the right apartment but also during your stay. Always try to make good impression to the landlords – that will soften their hearts and hopefully help you negotiate the price. Always ask about your neighbours and people living in the building. Also, make sure that you read the contract and fully understand all the clauses. Make sure that your agent will fill out a protocol for the furniture in the apartment and describe anything that might be damaged before you move in.

What are the Dos and Don’ts when looking for an apartment in Plovdiv?

Don’t use the services of too many agents! You need to know that 80% of the properties in this market are known by all agents, so make sure that you get recommendations from people for not more than two good real estate agents and stick with them. More agents doesn’t mean more apartments! Don’t pay anything without a receipt and always make sure that you have talked through everything. Always look for the balance between the price and location – having a cheaper apartment doesn’t necessarily mean you will have less expences – most cheap flats are badly furnished and badly insolated, thus you might have bigger bills to pay! Do ask about the average costs of bills when you are viewing an apartment – it’s better to ask than to guess!

A lot of people use an estate agent to find an apartment in Plovdiv. What do you think should tenants expect in return from estate agents?

A good real estate agent should guide the client through the whole process! This includes finding suitable options for accommodation according to the wishes of the client, translation and help with communication with the landlords, preparing a good contact that keeps the interests of both parties. All of this is a matter of professionalism!

How do you expect the market to change in 2018?

The market is very dynamic! And it will get even more as we are coming to the second half of the year. Plovdiv is expecting great events in the upcoming years, good economical boost and a lot of newcomers! This may influence the rental market in both good and bad way. Make sure that you are prepared with a good option for an apartment before September! That is really important as September is hectic and it will be much harder to find something after all new students have moved in already.

Looking forward to moving to Bulgaria and applying to Plovdiv Medical University? Contact us now at [email protected] – we offer application and relocation services!

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