Plovdiv Medical University - Entry exam 2019

Attention, future students in Medicine, Dentistry or Pharmacy in English at Plovdiv Medical University! Here are the most important details in regards to the entry exam for admission in 2019:

  • The entry exam dates are 25 June, 11 July, 2 and 3 September 2019; Candidates can choose any of the entry exam dates;
  • You can register for the entry exam here;
  • The entrance test is in Biology and Chemistry in English and takes two hours;
  • Exam results come out within two weeks after the respective entry exam has passed;
  • The entry exam takes place in the campus of the university;
  • The entrance test fee is 200 EUR and is non-refundable;
  • Admission is confirmed in September after all candidates have sat the entry exam;
  • Here you can find all details about admission to Plovdiv Medical University in 2019;

Inter HECS - Study in Bulgaria provides students with study books, sample tests, mock exams and organizes a preparatory course right before the entry exam. In addition, we provide full application and relocation support. Contact us now to start your application for admission in 2019!


12 Aug

We still offer places for university admission in 2020 - hurry up!

16 Jul

Apply for Dentistry in English and study in a European capital city - no entry exam, yearly tuition fees of 6000 EUR and the first year of studies is entirely online!

13 May

News in regards to admission in Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy in English at Plovdiv Medical University in 2020

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13 Sep

Candidates applying for Medicine, Dentistry or Pharmacy in English in 2020 must sit an entrance test in Biology, Chemistry and English


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