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Study Computer Science in Bulgaria

Why should you study Computer science in Bulgaria?

Did you know that one of the inventors of the modern computer, Mr. John Atanasoff, has Bulgarian antecedents?

Technology touches everything, but it can often seem distant and lifeless. In Bulgaria we will convince you that science and technology can be relevant on a human level. If you study Computer Science in Bulgaria, you will learn how to think like an entrepreneur, work in a international team and create a portfolio that is relevant in today’s world. You will have access to a vibrant network of people and resources in a flourishing and developing tech environment.

Bulgarian universities have a revolutionary method when it comes to computer sciences. The programmes are built around education which mixes together technology, creativity and business. Thanks to the advanced technical courses in Bulgaria you will be brought to the vanguard of future. People who study Computer Science in English in Bulgaria will gain skills and knowledge that will let you enter the tech world with enterprising attitude. The courses are taught by professors who not only are experienced but are immensely passionate about making an impact on today’s – and above all future’s – science world.

At the moment almost all big companies open offices in Bulgaria – a country that could be the European Silicon Valley. That is why Computer Science students in Bulgaria have the future in their hands. With a Computer Science degree obtained in Bulgaria, you will be prepared to enter industries like software engineering, product management, technical programming, development and management, big-data engineering, business analytics and user experience strategies, operations managements. As young visionaries you can work in an intellectually stimulating and challenging environment, with leading researchers who are key members of the European science community.

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The best universities in Bulgaria:

Study Computer Science in Bulgaria
Computer Science Studies in Bulgaria

American University in Bulgaria

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